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Destiny 2: The Final Shape – What Do We Know About It & When It Releases

by David Manyun
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Destiny 2 diehards are reveling in the game’s latest update, Into the Light, with all-new modes, activities, loot and upgrades. However, while this newest patch will undoubtedly keep players and fans busy at eSports betting sites, the best of Destiny 2 in 2024 is yet to come.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape, the culmination of the Light and Darkness saga that began in 2014, is a highly anticipated expansion. This is not just another update but a grand finale to the science fiction shooter, promising to be Bungie’s last big update.

Not only will this herald the return of one Cayde-6, but it will also gather together guardians from all corners of the spectrum for a last showdown. The specifics of the next downloadable content are still under wraps. However, players can expect a whole new narrative campaign, three playable Supers, a brand-new location and the opportunity to earn an arsenal of brand-new weapons and armor.

It is difficult to wait for the story’s conclusion and accompanying elements, but as the anticipation builds, here’s a closer look at what we know about the exciting new expansion that will close a decade-long story.

When Will The Final Shape Be Released?

Per Bungie, The Final Shape was originally announced to be released on February 27th, 2024. However, developers wanted more time to guarantee a “bigger and bolder” expansion, and the official release date is now June 4th, 2024.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape Trailer

An official The Final Shape trailer hit our screens in August 2023. It gave a glimpse of the guardians uniting for what seemed to be one last fight.

The guardians on display in the trailer included Lightfall, The Witch Queen, and the unexpected return of Cayde-6. In an epic moment, Ikora Ray requests the guardians to “rise” one last time.

The Final Shape Raid Information

  • When Will Destiny 2: The Final Shape Raid Be Released?

Bungie announced its official release date for The Final Shape on June 7th, 2024. This date was a surprise because it’s much sooner than past raid release dates, as these activities are often launched over a week and a half following an expansion release.

With The Final Shape’s fast turnaround, players will face a challenge. They will have only three days to prepare after the expansion’s release, a daunting task considering The Final Shape will debut the Prism subclass and a new faction to war within the Traveler, the Dread. Are you ready for this intense battle?

  • The Final Shape Rewards

At the time of writing, details on the available rewards from The Final Shape event aren’t yet known. However, if we consider past raids, players should receive exclusive exotics by finishing raid runs, armor and weapons.

  • The Final Shape Raid Storyline

Bungie has been secretive about the plot details of their next raid other than the release date. After the campaign ends, raids often bring new dangers to Destiny 2. Since The Final Shape hinted at a final confrontation with The Witness, it will be intriguing to see which boss awaits players after the conclusion of the Light and Darkness saga’s tale.

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