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Did Bungie Just Tease Destiny 3? 

by David Manyun
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With Destiny 2: The Final Shape on the horizon, the excitement is palpable. This game, the culmination of a decade-long storyline, will see players stepping into the Traveler to confront the enigmatic Witness. Many of the questions that have been building over the 10-year franchise will finally be answered, and the anticipation for this potentially final expansion is at an all-time high.

However, the real buzz in the Destiny community is not about The Final Shape, but about a cryptic X post from Bungie. Executive creative director Luke Smith recently shared his thoughts on the upcoming release, but it was the mention of the word ‘Hope,’ capitalized three times, that has sent the Destiny community into a frenzy.

The X post in question reads:

“Our Hope is always the same with Destiny games, expansions, seasons, DLCs, exotic missions, secret missions, in-game events, merchandise, etcetera – we genuinely Hope you enjoy the time you spend with it. Anything we’ve made or will make, that’s the Hope.”

This X post triggered several Destiny content creators into speculation mode regarding the future of Destiny, and this has trickled through other platforms, fans of the game, and forums as to why the capitalized word ‘Hope’ was mentioned thrice.

“Why are you capitalizing “Hope” 3 different times? X user @RickKakckis wrote. “Destiny: 3 Hopes, Releasing Fall 2027,” @DestinyBulletn posted.

Of course, it could be nothing more than an overreaction to Luke’s statement, and he could be referencing something entirely different.

A Long Wait

On that note, it isn’t easy to look forward to Destiny 3 when we’re yet to receive The Final Shape and its three planned episodes released between June 11 and Q1 of 2025. Echoes is released next week, Revenant drops in October, and the final episode of The Final Shape, Heresy Rounds, will be released in February 2025.

Outside of these official release dates, Bungie has been tight-lipped on the future of the franchise. Destiny 3 would give the developer an opportunity to reset the series and begin a whole new storyline as a next-gen entry-point, and it could possibly draw an entire new generation of fans and players. However, after 10 years of Destiny, the studio could very well move on to new endeavors, much like they did with Halo. So we should not make our release bets at Esports betting sites yet.

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