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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Rookie Guide – 5 Tips You Should Know Before Playing

by David Manyun
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Arisens unite! You may have lost your heart to a great dragon, but your quest to regain it begins here.

It can become a long and complex task, but we’ve gathered what we believe to be the top five most essential tips you must know before loading up your next adventure of Dragon’s Dogma 2, the latest sensation amongst esports betting fans.

Arisen & Pawn: Pick the Perfect Tag Team

Four initial vocations may be selected by both the Arisen (the player character) and the primary pawn. Given that your primary companion advances in level in tandem with you and might have their class altered, it is imperative to consistently contemplate the optimal configuration for your Arisen and pawns.

For example, if your character belongs to the Archer or Mage class (i.e., a class specializing in ranged damage per second and having low durability), it would be advisable to have your primary pawn be a Fighter (i.e., a class capable of absorbing damage as a tank).

We advise that you play around with the different combinations to find the perfect tag team!

Be An Explorer!

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, non-playable characters (NPCs) and characters that deliver quests will not have a visible signal in the form of a mission marker. Therefore, you must investigate each location thoroughly.

The map in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is double the size of the world in Dragon’s Dogma 1, with expansive cities and scenery for players to explore. Travel durations are likewise more protracted. Therefore, you must navigate and search for objectives without the assistance of quest markers. Thoroughly examine every little and hidden area for interesting features while exploring the world.

We advise talking with every NPC and extensively investigating each newly discovered location. Pawns will also provide clues while you are on a mission or indicate where you may locate a quest, so pay attention to their statements.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 focuses on immersive exploration and offers a more intense RPG experience. Therefore, it is imperative that you see it as a harsh and unyielding setting where your choices are significant.

Know Your Enemy

Every adversary in Dragon’s Dogma 2 has specific vulnerabilities to elemental attacks that may be strategically used. For example, ogres are particularly vulnerable to fire. If you attack them with a sword empowered with the Mage abilities Fire Boon or Fire Affinity, the ogre will be defeated much more quickly than if you were to use a regular blade. Some adversaries may exhibit resistance or complete immunity to specific components, necessitating experimentation to determine the most effective enchantments.

Pawns may alleviate the task of monitoring enemies’ vulnerabilities and resistance. Furthermore, if they have previously encountered and triumphed over a certain opponent, they will vociferate “the enemy is susceptible to fire” or comparable expressions at the start of combat.

As previously said, it is advisable to continuously recruit more pawns whenever feasible. Utilizing their extensive knowledge about the world’s creatures is yet another compelling rationale for doing so.

Don’t Forget Fast Travel

Ferrystones are consumable items that can only be used once and provide limited ports for every game. They are challenging to acquire and should only be used in extreme circumstances. When you find yourself alone in the woods with a crucial item or quest advancement, using them is an opportune moment.

Ox carts transport people between certain locations but not to any destination of their choosing. However, this choice can lead to encountering an ambush and probable casualties while traveling.

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, traveling, doing quests and embarking on adventures requires careful consideration of the desired distance and willingness to take risks. To expedite travel, it is advisable to make short trips from the main urban centers and questing hubs. Once you have finished an important mission, return, take a break in an inn, replenish your supply of potions and return to the field.

Furthermore, suppose you are planning to go on extended voyages. In that case, it is advisable to provide additional time for preparation since the probability of encountering an inn during the first exploration is minimal.

Camp and Save!

While playing Dragon’s Dogma 2, you may have a few hours of victory that can make you feel unbeatable. However, sometimes, you will encounter a formidable adversary that brings you back to reality, and even if you manage to defeat them, the consequences of the battle will still be evident.

Each time you sustain damage, your health bar is progressively reduced, limiting the effectiveness of therapeutic items and healing spells in restoring your health. The only solution to this predicament is to rest, and you must do so in the designated area; you will need to establish a campsite.

While any campsite will do, it is advisable to upgrade it for improved defense as the game progresses. Whenever you encounter an unoccupied location, take a break and restore your energy since you cannot predict your next battle.

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