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Esports Betting: Understanding the Basics for Newcomers 

by David Manyun
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Esports betting is an industry experiencing rapid growth that presents a distinctive and thrilling opportunity to interact with your preferred video games. However, for individuals who are unfamiliar with the realm of esports and esports betting, it can be daunting to determine where to begin.

Fear not; in today’s guide, we will simplify the fundamentals of esports betting and offer advice to assist you in commencing your wagering journey. You can also check out our recommended eSports betting sites to get started!

Understand the eSports Betting Terminology.

Esports betting terminology is vital for those interested in participating. Below are some commonly used terms:

  1. Odds: The probability of a specific outcome, typically expressed as a ratio. For instance, if the odds of Team A prevailing over Team B are +200, it means that for every $10 wagered on Team A, you will earn $20 if Team A wins.
  2. Handicaps: A method of equalizing a match when one team is heavily favored to win. For bets on the favored team to be successful, they must win by a margin greater than the handicap.
  3. Over/Under (Totals): A bet on whether the total number of points/goals (or another statistic) in a game will surpass or fall short of a number set by the bookmaker.
  4. Proposition Bets (Props): Bets placed on specific occurrences within a match, such as the first kill or the team that destroys the initial tower in a Dota 2 game.

eSports Betting: Before You Bet

To begin your journey in esports betting, it is crucial to make the necessary preparations:

The initial step entails finding a trustworthy betting website. It is essential to select a licensed site with a solid reputation. Before creating an account, carefully review the site’s reviews, licensing details, and privacy policy. Furthermore, it is important to choose a betting site that offers a diverse range of esports games and tournaments. This will allow you to bet on your favorite games and explore new ones.

Basic Rules

Acquainting yourself with the rules and strategies of various games is the next vital step. Understanding the dynamics of each game and its current meta is crucial for making accurate esports predictions before placing bets. Watch matches, read analytics, and follow teams and players on social media to gain a deeper understanding of how the games are evolving.

Lastly, it is imperative to start with small bets and practice responsible gambling. Betting, like any form of gambling, carries the risk of losing money. Therefore, it is crucial to set a budget and adhere to it. While betting can provide exciting entertainment, it should never lead to financial strain. Establish realistic limits and always remember that the primary objective of betting is to have fun.

eSports Betting Advice

Before placing a wager on an esports market, conducting thorough research is essential. It is advisable to check the schedules of popular esports tournaments offered by betting sites and devise a betting strategy accordingly.

It is important to monitor betting operators who may present better odds, as obtaining the maximum value for your investment is crucial. Analyzing various statistical insights such as statistics, past match outcomes, head-to-head matchups, and form guides is vital.

Gaming Styles

Additionally, it is important to assess the gaming style of top players, as some may adopt a defensive approach while others tend to be more aggressive. For instance, in competitive Call of Duty, a player or team can opt for a defensive strategy by avoiding killing opposition players and focusing on surviving until the end of the game. They may acquire the best available weapons and protective gear before attempting to eliminate their final opponents.

Conversely, another player or team may play aggressively by eliminating any adversaries encountered. Both strategies have their own consequences, and comparing them is vital before deciding which one to bet on.

eSports Betting: Final Thoughts

Esports betting presents a distinct and thrilling chance for gaming enthusiasts and sports bettors alike. Whether one’s preference lies in Call of Duty, FIFA, Dota 2, LOL, Overwatch, or any other popular esports game, there’s a huge chance you’ll find a betting market available.

Just remember, it is important to maintain responsible betting habits while embracing the excitement that accompanies esports betting. Good luck with your wagers!

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David Manyun
Hailing from the West Midlands, David is a freelance sports journalist with a focus on both written and visual sports content. Building a reputation for precise pre-fight predictions, he gains recognition for his thorough fight analysis and extensive knowledge of contenders and fight history in his rapidly evolving field.

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