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GTA 6 Release Date: Could It Get Delayed?

by David Manyun
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Life as Trevor, Michael and Franklin have kept gamers of GTA 5 occupied for ten straight years and has continued to do so in 2024 and beyond. So, when Rockstar Games revealed the GTA VI trailer two months back, the gaming world and the eSports betting sites went into a frenzy.

For over a decade, we’ve speculated on the release date of a new Grant Theft Auto, and to be honest, most of us were wrong. But now, with a trailer released and consistent GTA VI rumors circulating, surely, we can mark a date in our calendar of when to expect the highly anticipated king of open-world games. Right?

Wrong; while we were gifted the year of release, 2025, early speculations that the game would arrive on or before March 2025 have been crushed by recent speculations.

GTA VI Release Date Delayed?

The highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI release date is now the subject of discussion due to Take-Two Interactive’s revised revenue forecasts for FY25.

The first announcement of Take-Two Interactive’s $8 billion revenue projection for FY25 during the annual earnings conference call stoked the fires of expectation for a Grand Theft Auto 6 early release before March 31, 2025.

However, new information points to potential obstacles that could extend its release (I know, the pain).

Take-Two has reportedly reduced its revenue projection for FY25 from $8 billion to $7 billion, a drop of over $1 billion in expected profits, as reported by ComicBook.com. This surprise modification has prompted rumors of a possible internal delay in GTA VI’s release (crying face).

Considering the updated projection, the publication of GTA VI may be delayed until the next fiscal year, FY26, which starts in April 2025.

This aligns with previous recommendations from Wedbush Securities, which is adding fuel to the fire for fans anxiously anticipating the next Grand Theft Auto game. Importantly, neither Rockstar Games nor Take-Two Interactive has officially confirmed these rumors, so take that with a grain of salt.

Fans should proceed with care when dealing with this information until an official statement is made, but it is all we have, so we’ll take it run.

Nothing is guaranteed, but it seems GTA VI won’t be released within the first three months of 2025. The good news, however, is that the window for release has been shortened to April-December of next year.

We should instantly rule out November and December because big-game releases rarely drop during these months.

Furthermore, this new information proves that the game isn’t being rushed. Rockstar Games is a market leader for a reason and we can be certain they will polish GTA VI to perfection.

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