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Why Do Helldivers 2 Players on Steam Need a PlayStation Account to Play?

by David Manyun
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*Editor’s Note: As of May 5, PlayStation has announced they will no longer require Helldiver players to link a PSN account to play.


If you’re a dedicated Helldivers 2 player who has been enjoying the game on Windows via Steam, we have some significant news for you. On May 3, 2024, Sony dropped a bombshell, announcing that players on Steam will now be mandated to link a PlayStation Network account.

The response from players has been mixed, especially after PlayStation initially stated that the linking requirement was optional due to technical complications during the game’s launch. However, the ‘grace period’ for Helldivers 2 PC gamers has now come to an end.

As of May 6, new players of the esports title using Steam will need a PSN account. For those who’ve already been playing the game on Steam, a mandatory login is required. However, in the first week of June, all players must link a PSN account to continue playing on Steam.

Steam, similar to the workings of the PlayStation Network and/or Xbox Network for console gamers, is a digital distribution service and storefront that provides games, game updates, and distribution services for PC gamers.

In Steam’s history, no game has ever required mandatory login from a console network such as PSN. However, Helldivers 2 will be a first, and the news hasn’t been received positively.

The Change

Some Steam users of Helldivers 2 are furious, especially because they were not initially required to connect and are now being forced to do so. One of the more pressing issues is that certain users cannot register for PlayStation Network accounts if they do not reside in an area that Sony supports; for instance, South Africa is the only African nation with a PlayStation Network. Though not significant, Steam traffic from such regions has been present during the last seven days, according to Steam’s download statistics. You could choose another nation, of course, but doing so could require a VPN or run the risk of being banned. Many gamers who purchased the game on Steam will likely soon find themselves unable to play it.

Players are notified about the third-party account linkage on the Helldivers 2 page on Steam, though. It has not been enforced until now.

The Backlash

Sony believes linking accounts is crucial in protecting its players from harassment, as this rule can ban users from engaging in inappropriate behavior. Still, since the news, many reviews have arrived on Steam, as Helldivers 2 comments on the PC storefront have received thousands of complaints daily.

The experience was enjoyable and entertaining. The console and PC gamers immersed themselves simultaneously in perfect unity. Subsequently, a significant shift occurred when the Sony nation launched an offensive…” read one review, and just one of many more from players holding a similar sentiment.

Sony may have anticipated some backlash from the news, given their acknowledgment that the linking requirement could be “inconvenient” to some. However, the magnitude of the backlash that has ensued seems to have caught even the king of console gaming off guard.

“Helldivers 2 dropped a topic on Steam, talking about a future update that’ll force people to link a PSN account to Steam to play the game 6hrs ago. The topic is already locked. The replies are complete chaos. Sony better rethink this move, or it might kill the game on PC.,” One user on X shared.

Will Sony yield to the Steam backlash? Or will PC gamers be forced to own a PSN account even if they haven’t purchased a PlayStation console? The uncertainty of Sony’s response adds an intriguing element to this controversy, making it interesting to see how they will navigate this situation.

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