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Helldivers 2: Tips & Tricks for Newbies

by David Manyun
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Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 has been released and is regarded as one of the most comical and exceptional alien shooters in recent times. Extraterrestrial planets are abundant with a plethora of items to examine and additional goals to accomplish, and engaging in combat with buddies is an unparalleled experience you don’t want to miss!

If you have just started on your Helldivers 2 journey, you will soon discover a substantial amount of knowledge to acquire alongside a great deal of enjoyment to experience. However, to fast-track to the knowledge needed to bust your enemies in Helldivers 2, utilize our guide below as we meticulously dissect the tips and tricks required as a noob for this esports favorite. 

Consider Your Environment and The Weapons Used

This cooperative shooter has more intricate weapon mechanics than you might expect.

Various planets have various environments, and weaponry reacts differently to their surroundings. It seems to reason that cold planets would reduce the firing rate of certain conventional weapons while simultaneously helping laser weapons by preventing them from overheating as rapidly. Be cautious since mines may become more difficult to detect as they burrow deeper into the snow, and you always want to ensure you bring the correct items.

Go Easy on Your Aiming

The circle that hovers around the dot in the middle of the screen, rather than the dot itself, dictates your aim. While the targeting circle shows exactly where your shots are heading, your viewpoint remains constant regardless of the weapon’s recoil or turn speed.

When you move or use heavier weapons, that circle becomes far less stable; thus, staying motionless will give you the most accuracy.

Why Are You Reloading?

When you reload your firearm, you dispose of all the leftover ammunition in your magazine, similar to what happens in real life. However, unlike most shooters, this game does not automatically include the ability to use any leftover ammunition in your magazine. Consequently, most of the time, it is advisable to use all the ammunition in your magazine.

However, it is important to note that larger and more powerful weapons will need a longer amount of time to reload. Therefore, it is advisable to carefully choose the appropriate moment to reload and be prepared to accept the consequence of having any remaining ammunition unused.

Don’t Neglect Limb Damage

Targeted limb injuries may impair your precision in aiming and firing certain weapons and hinder your running speed. You should be aware of the possibility of experiencing abrupt instability in your aim or difficulty walking.

The display of limb injury is prominently shown above the endurance bar at the bottom of the screen.

We Know It’s Fun, But Don’t Let Your Friends Die

Redeploy a buddy without delay in the event of their death. If a friend dies while fighting a bug swarm, you may resurrect them in a less dangerous area by placing the redeploy beacon there.

Alternatively, prevent them from dying altogether. Not only can you go up to teammates and give them ammunition to keep them stocked, but you can also store up to four supply boxes in the supply pack and carry them with you as you approach supply drops. This feature is particularly underappreciated. If your teammate’s health starts to get dangerously low, you may manually heal them with stims if you have some in your inventory.

Difficulty Settings

Completing a number of missions on easier levels is necessary before you can unlock harder ones on the Galactic Map, where you can choose from many difficulty settings. The larger and better the rewards, the more challenging the missions will be, both in terms of goals and foes. However, with your buddies, remember that taking on more difficult tasks is a breeze.


Stratagems are equipment items deployed from your ship and forcefully collide with the ground to provide assistance. They resemble a bombing operation, akin to requesting a Call of Duty killstreak, but in times of need, you’ll want to request these supply drops for ammunition in crucial situations.

Progress With Warbond

You advance in Helldivers 2 mostly by leveling up and unlocking Warbonds; there isn’t really a core goal or primary quest.

Similar to a battle pass system, Warbonds allow you to purchase new weapons and cosmetic items using the medals you win completing missions. A regular Warbond route and a Premium Warbond path are available, the latter of which includes the ability to spend Super Credits on things from the Superstore.

After completing a few tasks, go to the Acquisitions menu to see how far along you are in the Warbond quest.

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