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Is Age of Empires Coming to Mobile Devices?

by David Manyun
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Is Age of Empires Coming to Mobile

A Joyful Revelation for Enthusiastic Fans

Avid enthusiasts of Age of Empires rejoice: the cult classic video game is finally coming to a mobile device near you!

Age of Empires 2, both the original 1999 version and the revised ‘definitive edition’ released 20 years later, is considered one of the best real-time strategy games ever made. It has significantly contributed to elevating the whole AoE series to a legendary position in the genre.

Now, Age of Empires: Mobile, set to be released in late 2024, aims to introduce the franchise to a new audience on mobile devices while preserving the complex gameplay that defines the games’ uniqueness.

Age of Empires fans at eSports betting sites should prepare for a whole different experience inside the franchise. The game will include gameplay and controls specifically designed for mobile devices, offering a distinct experience compared to playing on PC, and changes have been implemented in how players will handle combat units and the frequency of operations.

So, don’t anticipate an exact replica of the Age of Empires experience you are familiar with. There will be significant changes due to the transition to a new platform, focusing on creating innovative ways to play Age of Empires, instead of simply replicating the classic games on mobile. Still, excitement is brewing for the game, especially considering the long wait fans have endured.

Age of Empires Mobile: Development, Release Date and Similarities

The free game is being created by TiMi Studio Group, a subsidiary of Tencent, known for their work on Call of Duty Mobile in collaboration with Activision and the Xbox-owned studio, World’s Edge.

Age of Empires: Mobile is currently open for pre-registration on iOS and Android globally. The release date is still uncertain. However, the iOS website suggests it may be on August 19, as the launch is anticipated by the end of 2024.

The release indicates that Age of Empires: Mobile would replicate classic gameplay elements for fans, like base construction, quick combat, real-time strategy and online PvP multiplayer, with controls specifically tailored for mobile devices.

Players may create teams featuring renowned historical figures from various eras throughout the Age of Empires series, like Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Julius Caesar, King Arthur, Hannibal and others. As the creators assure, players will also have the opportunity to engage in online multiplayer matches and a single-player option.

Second-Time Lucky for Microsoft?

Microsoft has attempted to create a mobile version of the game before.

They initially ventured into mobile game production in June 2013, with one of its first projects being Age of Empires. KLabGames was granted a license for the intellectual property to create a free-to-play version for iOS and Android, but the game, titled ‘World Domination,’ closed its servers within a year of its release.

Microsoft then attempted to develop a free-to-play edition of Age of Empires. AoE: Online was a real-time strategy MMO game released in 2011, but while the download was free, its premium material was considered overpriced and the game flopped.

And lastly, let’s not forget Age of Empires: Castle Siege, released in 2014, which entailed a tower defense style game for touch displays on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone. It was eventually made available on Android and iOS platforms, but like those that came before it, it was terminated in 2019.

Hopefully, past mistakes have been corrected, and the 2024 edition of a mobile AoE will exceed expectations and finally give the franchise’s die-hard fans what they deserve.

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