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Is MW3 Broken? Why Developers Took Down Ranked Play Temporarily & All About the Latest Bug

by David Manyun
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Is MW3 Broken

Noting quite ruffles the feathers of avid gamers at eSporst betting sites, like when they’ve patiently waited for a game update, but said “update” consists of broken features and all-new complications.

This was the case for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 players last week, as mass chaos on the CoD servers broke out.

What’s worse than receiving a game update to fix a game that isn’t broken, is an “update” that completely trashes the progress of players and resets their progress back to level 1, tampers with kill streaks and causes servers to be temporarily taken down… eek!

From Prestige to Panic

Let’s go back to the beginning to understand the scary nature of losing progress in a Modern Warfare 3 type of game or losing the ability to use kill streaks.

The success of the Call of Duty franchise is unquestionably due to its multiplayer mode. Certain gamers love the storyline and graphical elements of the campaign mode, but nothing beats joining your friends for a Team Deathmatch, Search-and-Destroy, or a good old free-for-all… It’s easy, kill and don’t get killed.

One of the perks of being a well-adapted online player is having the ability to obtain kill streaks and leveling up aspects that see you reach a braggadocious prestige level.

Unfortunately, following the recent update, all hell broke loose.

Warzone and MW3 players were scared after logging into their accounts, as all progress from events, battle passes, challenges and account levels had been lost. Many speculated that this would be the end, but servers were temporarily taken down to fix the issue, and all is well – or is it?

Server Downtime Drama

The bug, known as the Minot Hawthorne bug, wasn’t the only issue CoD players experienced. Server downtime had affected many players due to the previous bug and now, a small update on February 21 broke the game’s multiplayer kill streaks, as navigating one of the lone kill streak perks in Ranked Play became impossible.

Once a player consecutively kills a specific number of enemies, they’re awarded kill streaks, and it was the cruise missile (six kills) that faltered following the patch update.

Naturally, die-hard Modern Warfare players had a week of despair, but fortunately, as Activision worked diligently to solve the complications, everything was seemingly back to normal. And for good measure, developers have since awarded MW3 and Warzone players with Double XP, Weapon XP, and Battle Pass XP tokens due to the server outages last week.

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