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Is PlayStation 6 Coming Sooner Than Expected?

by David Manyun
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Sony has officially announced that the PlayStation 5 is now in the later stage of its life cycle. Sony unveiled its most recent gaming system in November 2020. In November 2023, they introduced a new console version with improved storage and a modular architecture. This design enabled gamers to add an Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Drive to the digital-only versions of the console at a later time. 

Given that the typical lifespan of a console generation is around six years, it seemed logical to provide this update three years after the system was first released.

So is the new console coming soon? And how could this affect your esports gaming experience?

Current-Gen Disappointment

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X had challenging launches due to COVID-19, resulting in online-only releases. As a result, a combination of production limitations and scalpers’ use of automated software led to a decrease in the quantity of consoles being produced. These scalpers aimed to resell the consoles at much higher prices. Consequently, many players refrained from purchasing a next-generation system until later in the console cycle, when these problems were resolved.

Although the Demon’s Souls remake was released exclusively for the current generation alongside the console release, other titles like Spider-Man: Miles Morales, initially marketed as major selling points for the new-gen device, also had releases for the PS4. This trend of cross-generation releases has continued for years, along with other significant PlayStation exclusives.

It’s only recently that gamers have started to understand the capabilities of PS5 technology fully. This is evident in PS5-exclusive games like Spider-Man 2, which utilizes the SSD to revolutionize rapid travel in open-world games.

Hence, while Sony is undoubtedly anticipating the release of the PlayStation 6, it has not yet shown the full capabilities of its current-generation platform. To persuade existing PlayStation 5 owners to upgrade, Sony must ensure that the next device offers substantial enhancements.

PlayStation 6 Expected Release Date

Based on Sony’s recent statements and their projections for the mid-generation refresh, the PlayStation 6 may be released around 2026. This timeline is based on Sony’s consideration of a 6-year lifespan for the PlayStation 5, which is one year shorter than that of the PS4. The PS4 was launched in 2013, 7 years before the PS5.

However, it is important to note that this information is purely speculative at this stage.

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