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More Changes in Fortnite? This is the Latest Change

by David Manyun
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Epic Games alters a fundamental setting in Fortnite, prompting the community’s swift and vehement outcry, with supporters fervently calling for its restoration.

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As the adage goes, ‘If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it,’ but I guess Epic Games didn’t receive the memo, as one of their latest updates to the game has caused outrage amongst players, including those at the main eSports betting sites.

Fortnite has seen several upgrades, additions, and modifications in various seasons. However, not all modifications are well-received, such as the most recent upgrade that significantly amplifies the level of chaos in parties compared to their former state.

Epic Games has included a feature in Fortnite that allows any party member to modify the current game setting. However, this alteration has sparked discontent among fans, who expressed dissatisfaction upon discovering this modification.

Why Are Fortnite Fans Angry at the Update?

Initially, Fortnite offered two gaming modes, Save the World and Battle Royale, which were the sole choices for gamers for a considerable period. Subsequently, Limited-Time Modes (LTMs) would intermittently appear and disappear. Still, soon, Creative was introduced, effectively supplanting the necessity for more LTM releases in Fortnite, as users could devise and relish their game modes.

Fortnite has experienced significant growth, resulting in the integration of many permanent additions to the game, including Creative 2.0, Zero Build, Fortnite Festival, Ranked, LEGO Fortnite, and Rocket Racing. This trend is expected to continue, given the immense popularity of the three most recently introduced game types.

The Fortnite Festival will provide three more modes, while the other games are expected to grow further by implementing new patches and content upgrades.

Due to the extensive range of options available to Fortnite players, choosing the specific game they would like to engage in might be challenging. Consequently, the game has a party leader tool to address this issue. Nevertheless, this feature has undergone modification.

In the past, the party leader had the autonomy to choose the game mode for the whole squad and determine its members. Party leaders will no longer have complete authority over mode selection. Epic Games has revised the position of the party leader to provide each member the authority to determine the game mode for the squad. Supporters expressed discontent with this development, as it will significantly complicate the resolution of conflicts among party members.

At first, people believed this was an accidental glitch in Fortnite. Still, it has been revealed that Epic Games incorporated it as a deliberate aspect of the game. Gamers promptly saw the potential for this to result in a catastrophic outcome.

Entering a game in Fortnite becomes impossible if the game mode is altered during matchmaking. This is highly probable when many players have the authority to make such changes. It can potentially encourage trolling and may result in increased conflicts among colleagues.

Epic Games has refrained from providing patch notes for the latest Fortnite update, resulting in little user awareness of the modifications, as they are not readily apparent. Several members of the Fortnite community have requested that Epic Games reverse these new modifications, with the expectation that they would do so promptly before a significant number of gamers become aware of them and exploit them to harass other players.

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