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Is Spider-Man 3 in the Works & Could It Feature a Daredevil Cameo?

by David Manyun
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Sony has announced that Spider-Man 2 has achieved a new record as the fastest-selling game from PlayStation Studios. On its launch day, the PlayStation 5 exclusive sold a remarkable 2.5 million copies.

Unlike previous releases, Spider-Man 2 was exclusively designed for the PS5 and did not launch on the PS4, which has a much larger user base. This accomplishment is even more impressive considering that there have been only around 40 million PS5s sold thus far.

Is Spider-Man 3 In the Works?

Insomniac, the game’s developer, has consistently hinted at future developments in their previous Spider-Man games. In Marvel’s Spider-Man, they introduced Miles Morales, who went on to have his own standalone game in 2020.

As Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 basques in its glory, fans have enjoyed the return of both Miles Morales and Peter Parker as they face off against Venom and a host of other enemies. The excitement for what lies ahead is palpable, and naturally, talks of the next Spiderman game have already begun to float within the rumor mill.

Recent Developments

In a recent interview, director Ben Arfmann, who helmed Spider-Man 2, discussed potential directions for future franchise installments. One of the possibilities he mentioned was Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 being approved for the PS5. Arfmann expressed his team’s profound fondness for the game and their gratitude for the opportunity to continue crafting captivating stories. He stated that while he would love to delve into those details, for the time being, the focus remains on the current game.

There is no official confirmation regarding the development of a Spider-Man 3 game for the PS5, but the chances of it happening are quite high. Sony and Insomniac Games have demonstrated a great deal of dedication in creating two exceptional Spider-Man games.

By considering this trend and taking into account Ben Arfmann’s statements, it is evident that the team is forward-thinking and already planning for the future of the video game franchise. Based on the approximately two-year gaps between the release dates of the first two games, as well as between the second and third games, fans can anticipate a similar timeframe if and when Spider-Man 3 is officially approved for development.

Spider-Man: A Daredevil Cameo?

The most recent update for Spider-Man 2 has brought back the “Nelson and Murdock” sign, which mysteriously disappeared when the game was first released. These missing names and the newly added notice on the door not only rank among the top Easter eggs in Spider-Man 2, but they have also sparked curiosity among fans who are wondering if such hints imply Daredevil’s potential to feature alongside Spider-Man in the game.

Bryan Intihar, the creative director of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, recently dropped a hint about Daredevil’s potential involvement.

During a livestream celebrating the launch of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and its soundtrack, Intihar was overheard in the background asking, “Where is Daredevil?” just as the stream came to an end. This seemingly casual remark has once again ignited speculation about Daredevil’s role within the Insomniac universe.

Spider-Man 2 DLC or Spiderman 3?

The official announcement for DLC in Spider-Man 2 has yet to be made. However, this hasn’t hindered fans from engaging in speculation about the potential storyline and the inclusion of various characters. Considering that the first game received multiple new story missions and introduced Marvel characters that were not part of the main campaign, it wouldn’t be surprising if additional content was offered in the sequel.

Given the excitement surrounding the recent rumors, it’s safe to say that Daredevil is highly anticipated as a potential DLC character for Spider-Man 2. And should the famed Marvel character fail to surface in Spider-Man 2 DLC, some speculate that he could cameo alongside Spiderman in the franchise’s next installment, Spider-Man 3.

Who knows what the future holds? Marvel loves an easter egg or two; some amount to nothing, while others indirectly reveal plans for the future. For now, we can only ponder and continue to enjoy Spider-Man 2.

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