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Top eSports Games for Betting: Where the Action is

by David Manyun
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The ongoing expansion of eSports cannot be disregarded. Countless individuals globally engage in and observe Esports, and it is projected that the eSports market will reach a value of $2 billion by 2025. Prominent brands actively sponsor eSports events, while the best eSports betting sites provide odds for matches and competitions.

After digesting this information, you’re probably wondering, ‘What are the top games for betting?’ Well, you needn’t worry, in today’s article you will discover detailed information concerning Esports betting. If you have an affinity for gambling and wish to participate, explore further as we reveal where the action is for eSports betting.

cs go counterstrike

Bettors Love CS:GO

LoL and Dota 2 encompass a greater number of variables and complexities, requiring more time for viewers to comprehend and appreciate all aspects of the game fully. In contrast, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive offers numerous high-level tournaments throughout the year, providing fans multiple opportunities to witness top teams and players competing.

Conversely, many other esports titles tend to hold their international tournaments only once or twice a year, resulting in fewer instances of high-level action to wager on. It is worth mentioning that League of Legends tournaments have previously imposed restrictions on advertising any form of betting-related activities. Consequently, sportsbooks have naturally chosen to sponsor CS:GO and Dota 2 events instead to establish brand recognition among fans.

league of legends

An O.G. in League of Legends

League of Legends is considered older than CSGO if we consider age. Riot Games released this MOBA title, which is a free-to-play game that continues to attract over 3.5 million players every day, generating excitement in the betting community. The game’s distinctive theme also presents numerous opportunities for props betting.

Having been around since 2009, League of Legends is one of the oldest titles on this list. It is a significant part of major eSports tournaments, including the Mid-Season Invitational, ML: BB Professional League, and LoL World Championship.

dota 2 gameplay

Dota 2 & It’s Cult Following

Dota 2 has garnered a global following due to its intense competitive nature, showcasing the synchronized teamwork and strategic prowess of players. Valve’s decision to prioritize esports with Dota 2, particularly through The International, the highest-earning tournament in esports history, with a staggering prize pool of up to $40 million in 2021, was commendable.

In the earlier years of Dota’s esports scene, the focus revolved around third-party tournaments. However, Valve introduced the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC), which comprised two main divisions: Division I and Division II.

Division I showcased elite teams competing at an elevated level, while the Lower Division consisted of groups striving to ascend or maintain their position. Numerous regional leagues worldwide contributed to the teams’ DPC point total, with a sufficient accumulation guaranteeing automatic qualification for The International. The high-stakes matches of the DPC, featuring top-tier teams vying for dominance in Dota 2, delivered an exhilarating spectacle that resonated with both dedicated fans and casual viewers.

call of duty new era

Call of Duty: A Fan Favorite

The Call of Duty series originally focused on first-person shooter (FPS) games that took place during World War II. However, over time, the games have expanded their scope to include modern and hypothetical future conflicts.

Initially developed by Infinity Ward, the franchise was later taken over by Sledgehammer Games. These games have been featured in esports tournaments since 2006. Major League Gaming hosts various competitions for specific Call of Duty titles, including Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, World at War, and Ghosts.

Each tournament consists of ladders that winning teams must climb to reach the final stage. These ladders differ in terms of in-game settings and regulations. By checking the number of ladders a team has successfully climbed, gamblers can gauge their overall rank.

fifa game play kylian mbappe

And, of course, FIFA

FIFA, while not as widely embraced as CS:GO, LoL, and Dota 2 in the global esports scene, still holds a prominent position as one of the most popular games worldwide, especially in the online esports betting market. Its popularity is particularly noticeable in the UK.

What distinguishes FIFA from other esports games is its similarity to traditional football betting. FIFA is a video game that replicates real football matches, with the exception that one player controls an entire team, and matches are not played for the full 90 minutes.

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