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VALORANT Buffs Up Deadlock: This Is the Latest Update to the Character

by David Manyun
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Valorant Deadlock

Since her debut, Deadlock has always been regarded as one of the least powerful choices in VALORANT.

While she may not excel in certain aspects where other sentinels thrive, she is set to get significant enhancements to her Barrier Mesh wall and Sonic Sensor in Patch 8.0, which have the potential to increase her presence not only in the game but also on the main eSports betting sites.

Deadlock has demonstrated little adaptability in terms of site coverage and flank angle monitoring, unlike her counterparts among the sentinels.

The effectiveness of her Barrier Mesh wall was somewhat disappointing as it failed to fully block enemy shots and lacked the ability to elevate friends to advantageous positions. The effectiveness of her Sonic Sensor was greatly diminished since rival players were able to nullify the sound and bypass it, preventing its activation.

While Deadlock’s Gravnet Grenade may effectively halt an approaching assault and her Annihilation ultimate can be a valuable asset for eliminating unsuspecting enemies, she does not possess the same amount of influence on a specific battlefield as Sage and Cypher. Consequently, these enhancements will augment the effectiveness of her abilities.

VALORANT 8.0 Patch changes for Barrier Mesh

Deadlock’s Barrier Mesh wall has received a significant enhancement to its effective radius, resulting in a length increase of all four walls released from the center orb to 10 meters apiece. This new enhancement will enable players to effortlessly traverse and overcome significant bottlenecks by eliminating the requirement for precise accuracy in their throws to halt an aggressive advance.

In the previous live patch, the walls had a maximum extension of around six metres. Consequently, Deadlock players must exercise precision in positioning the centre orb. Otherwise, they will be unable to obstruct the narrow passage, allowing the other side to swiftly enter the designated area while simultaneously having the ability to retaliate through the transparent barriers.

Sonic Sensor Upgrade

The Sonic Sensor will now activate with a quicker response time, half a second earlier than previously. This adjustment aims to make it more difficult for most players to respond in time and avoid being stunned. Although the object remains visible when a player approaches it closely, it can be readily overlooked in a chaotic scenario, including other distractions such as utility and gunshots.

Furthermore, players now can retrieve and relocate the sensor at their discretion during the duration of the round. Sensors can only be detected on live servers during the pre-round phase. Once they are positioned, they become immovable, greatly restricting their utility, particularly if the other side relocates to an alternate location.

The sensors can also be acquired from distances of up to 27 meters, representing a substantial improvement over the prior range limit of 12 meters. Consequently, Deadlock may strategically lay traps in response to an offensive move without subjecting herself to hostile gunfire.

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