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Wattson Mains Rejoice: Another Surprise Apex Legends Double Take Buff

by David Manyun
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Last week, Apex Legends Double Take patch notes were released, which included changes to the legend, weapon, and more. However, an all-new buff has surfaced that wasn’t highlighted in the patch notes; let’s dive in, especially for those keeping tabs on the best Esports betting sites.

Respawn Entertainment is no stranger to springing surprises on Apex Legends players, notably when announcing patch notes but leaving a few key changes absent. And they’ve done it again; this time, they’ve caused Wattson mains to rejoice, as the character has been buffed, thus leaving the opportunity to make Wattson meta once more for ranked and competitive action —a development closely watched by top sportsbooks.

Wattson’s latest buff involves Spark of Genius, a passive ability that regains her shields over time.

All-New Wattson Buff: Speedy Sheild Regeneration

The passive ability known as ‘Spark of Genius’ has undergone a significant buff for Wattson, resulting in a much faster shield regeneration for the Apex Legends character. Alongside Ash’s, Wattson’s latest buff was dropped in unison for the mid-season update of the 21st season of Apex Legends. Now, Wattson mains can enjoy a regeneration speed of two shield points per two seconds.

Prior to the buff, Wattson’s shield regeneration delivered two shield points per four seconds but said speed has now doubled!

The in-game description around the Spark of Genius buff reads:

Ultimate Accelerant Ultimate Accelerants fully charge Wattson’s ultimate, and she can carry more Ultimate Accelerants. Wattson slowly restores her shields over time.”

That said, her shield regenerating potential is only capable following six seconds of avoiding damage, something that hasn’t been altered within the buff. A closer look at the previous passive versus the new passive ability looks like this:

Wattson’s Old Passive Ability Wattson’s New Passive Ability
X2 shield bars = 100-second regeneration timeX2 shield bars = 50-second regeneration time
X1 shield bar = 50-second regeneration timeX1 shield bar = 25-second regeneration time
1 shield point is regenerated every 2 seconds2 shield points are regenerated every 2 seconds

Consequently, the red Evo shield may fully regenerate in 125 seconds. This greatly enhances Wattson’s abilities as she can now efficiently conserve her shield batteries and cells while maintaining control over a specific area. In addition, the passive shield regeneration accumulates in addition to her ultimate ability (Interception Pylon).

The Interceptor Pylon can swiftly restore shields for all players in its vicinity, surpassing the pace at which Wattson’s passive ability does the same task. The synergy of these two factors enables her to regenerate at a notably accelerated rate, rendering Wattson exceptionally formidable at maintaining a strategic location and engaging in small-scale attacks. Although considered a subtle improvement, this little adjustment has the potential to reintroduce Wattson into the competitive metagame.

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