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What Are the 2024 VALORANT Challengers?

by David Manyun
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Riot Games has unveiled its plan for the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) in 2024, which aligns with the success of the competitive Valorant scene.

Building on years of achievements and past success, the VCT 2024 revamp offers the potential to introduce fresh elements to the international championship series, creating anticipation among fans of competitive eSports and eSports betting this year.

Join us as we delve into the roadmap for the VCT Challengers 2024. Our concise guide provides details on the tournament’s schedule, structure, lineup, and notable changes, which will help avid VCT enthusiasts organize their schedules accordingly and know exactly what to expect before the festivities commence.

Three Tiers of VCT Excellence

The VCT 2024 delivers a structure comprising three tiers: Challenger, Premier, and International Leagues.

Premier serves as Valorant’s competitive tournament system for skilled players around the world. Those who perform well in Premier events get the chance to progress to the Challengers, which brings about a shift in the competitive landscape.

VCT Challengers 2024

Riot Games has now revealed the 2024 roadmap for VALORANT Challengers.

It includes a revamped schedule, a connection between International Leagues and Challengers, and a redesigned format.

The entire year of 2024 will be dedicated to VALORANT Challengers. It will kick off in January with two stages that resemble the ones from the previous year, and now, there will be a wrap-up in September with Ascension.

The 2025 season for Challengers will start in October after the conclusion of the 2024 Ascension tournaments in September.

Valorant Roadmap

In contrast to last year, when the Ascension event ended in July, this year provides a longer off-season for many tier-two teams to compete.

VCT Challengers 2024 Schedule

Challengers Stage 1: January – April

Challengers Stage 2: May-August

Promotion & Relegation Event: May-August

VCT Ascension: September

Challengers 2025: October

Most leagues will organize open qualifiers before the Challengers season begins in January 2024, while others will extend invitations to high-performing teams from the 2023 season. Intermissions for promotion and relegation will occur between the Challenger stages.

Challengers24_Calendar Valorant

In 2024, the Challenger calendar encompasses the whole year, culminating in the pinnacle event known as the Challenger Ascension.

The highest-performing teams from the Ascension stage earn a spot with the world’s elite teams in VCT 2025. This will guarantee more visibility for up-and-coming teams by scheduling Ascension after the Champions tournament.

Challengers will also be integrated with Premier stages.

Premier Tier VCT 2024 Schedule

Valorant Premier Stage 1: January – April

Valorant Premier Stage 2: May-August

Valorant Premier Stage 3: September to December

New Paths to the VCT Challengers

Teams that successfully progress through the Premier system within the game will now have a route to enter Challengers starting in 2024. To qualify for the Challengers, teams must have displayed high-quality performances and earn enough championship points; it boils down to consistent success.

In past versions of the VCT, teams had to go through multiple stages and tournaments to qualify. In 2024, however, the most skilled teams identified by the Premier system will directly enter the Challengers competition.

This new approach does not expedite the process for deserving teams and emphasizes the importance of maintaining a high level of excellence in the game.

An impressive revamp to the qualification system such as this one serves as a platform for emerging teams and new players to make their mark.

By showcasing performance in Valorant Premier tournaments, teams can override traditional qualification processes and gain easier access to top-level competitive play. By democratizing the qualification process, diversity and inclusiveness are fostered throughout the VCT environment.

Overall, we can expect the best that VCT has had to offer in 2024, as critics and fans have welcomed the newly implemented formats and rule changes.

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