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What Is Stellar Blade & Everything You Need To Know Before Playing

by David Manyun
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Stellar Blade

If you’re a PlayStation fan and love the thrill of hack-and-slash action, Stellar Blade is the new esports title you’ve been waiting for. This exclusive PS5 title, launched on April 26, promises an unparalleled gaming experience with its unique blend of combat mechanics and immersive storytelling. 

Let’s not play make-believe; the future doesn’t look too bright when it comes to first-party titles on the PlayStation between now and 2025. However, Stellar Blade could be the refreshing first-party release you seek, and for those unable to run to a test run via the demo, join us today as we evaluate everything this Shift Up newbie has to offer.

Those who’ve already loaded up Stellar Blade and got to work, don’t be surprised if it feels recognizable; this is by design. The developers at Shift Up haven’t shied away from what triggered their inspiration, as it delivers as most action genre titles do and takes certain aspects of games like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

How Many Hours of Game Time Should I Expect from Stellar Blade?

Story-driven fans of gaming will take around 25 hours from Stellar Blade’s primary campaign mode. However, trophy hunters and those looking for 100% completion honors, including side missions and upgrades, will likely need anywhere from 30 to 50 hours.

How Does Exploration in Stellar Blade Fare?

The exploration aspect of Stellar Blade is a delight. You’ll find yourself searching for hidden items, engaging in thrilling battles, and even taking the occasional detour to dive underwater for hidden crates. Resting spots scattered throughout the game offer a chance to buy new abilities, restore your health, and enjoy the game’s immersive soundtrack.

Be mindful after resting; enemies will respawn. However, this is also helpful when you need to farm XP, which can assist you in locking new skills before you progress in the game.

Souls-Like Enemies

Your typical enemies won’t pose much of a threat, but Stellar Blade spices things up with larger, more challenging foes. From the nimble Cricket Slashers to the menacing Beholders, each encounter offers a unique combat experience that will keep you on your toes.

Boss Battles

Speaking of boss fights, they aren’t a walk in the park and notably become more difficult to defeat as you progress through the campaign. We must tip our hats to the design team, too; bosses are unique in their appearance, but don’t let the scary and ugly appearances put you off, or you’ll desperately need health before you know. The challenge is part of the thrill in Stellar Blade.

We received a sense of boss difficulty even on the demo. The Brute was a boss that was plodding slowly to figure out despite its significant health-draining attacks. This false sense of security is soon debunked when you clash with The Stalker, an ultra-quick boss with unpredictable combinations that drain your health rapidly.

Open’ish-World Areas

While it isn’t completely open world, the semi-open world environment, which gives you an “experience of a large world without being completely open-world,” is present. Once you progress through Stellar Blade, you’ll discover more explorable locations like the Great Desert and Wasteland, as they require extra tasks like collecting Hyper Cells.

What’s the Combat Like in Stellar Blade?

Similarities to many contemporary action games may be seen in the battle basics, such as Light and Heavy Attacks that, when switched between, generate diverse combinations. On the other hand, you won’t be racing about as much, and the pace is slower and more deliberate. Like certain foes, the player may protect themselves from harm by using a shield while fighting, but it requires a while to recharge after damage.

Alongside melee options, you may use the drone as a wrist gun to shoot adversaries from a distance and use it for melee strikes. You may even level it up to fire lasers, which is a pretty cool option if you ask us.

Don’t focus solely on your offensive, as the game presents multiple avenues to playing on the defensive. Dodging and evading also play a significant role in Stellar Blade, to the point that they augment parrying rather than replace it. Once you earn Perfect Dodge, dodging an attack just inches before it hits will temporarily slow down time so you may counterattack. Against projectiles and unblockable strikes, it’s a required but not always optimal strategy.

Abilities in Stellar Blade

New powers become available as you level up and earn skill points. Learn new Beta Skills like a rising backflip, multi-stab, or ranged electric slicing, which are useful against shields. Players can customize their playstyle even further by upgrading each item; some of them restore energy upon landing, others inflict extra damage when you hold down the button on the final strike, and so on.

Not forgetting, you are also equipped with survival skills, such as teleporting behind an adversary after a successful parry or Blink, which allows you to counter unblockable blows with purple flashes. However, gaining access to ever more complex combinations requires Skill Points, so don’t expect the full shebang within your first few hours of play.


Stellar Blade offers very stylish combat that is demanding yet easy to approach. The plot and characterization may not resonate with all viewers, but developer Shift Up has produced a remarkable entrance into the market as far as console debuts go.

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