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What Is the ESL Challenger Melbourne 2024 & How To Bet It?

by David Manyun
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ESL Challenger

The ESL Challenger Melbourne, a tournament that has been a part of the Counter-Strike community since 2015, is more than just a competition; it’s a community where aspiring teams come together to showcase their skills. Its inclusion in the ESL Pro Tour makes it a platform for these teams to solidify their standing in the realm of Counter-Strike, making every fan a part of this exciting journey.

The Peak of Competitive Counter-Strike

The ESL Pro Tour is a global tournament series with a staggering $4 million prize pool. It’s not just a series of tournaments, but a beacon of inspiration, connecting all ESL tournaments and providing a pathway for established and emerging teams to progress through the ranks and qualify for prestigious events such as the EPT Championship, IEM Katowice and IEM Cologne.

However, before teams reach the Pro Tour, they have a golden opportunity to prove themselves as serious competitors, and it all begins with the Melbourne Challengers.

It All Starts With the ESL Challenger Melbourne

The objective of ESL Challenger is to establish itself as the premier platform for aspiring teams to demonstrate their prowess as top-tier teams and, with their involvement in the ESL Pro Tour, solidify their standing in the realm of Counter-Strike. This tournament at the Challenger level will provide eligibility for the next EPT event, the ESL Pro League Season 20.

The ESL Pro Tour consists of three levels of competition: the EPT Championship, EPT Masters and EPT Challengers. Teams earn qualification to these events by Open Qualifiers, the ESL World Ranking, or by winning a tournament in the lower tier. The EPT Challenger provides a platform for beginners to refine their abilities in a professional setting. EPT Masters is a well-established platform that allows teams to play on a worldwide scale. The EPT Championship is a prestigious event that attracts players who aim to achieve victory and become a member of the esteemed Counter-Strike community.

How To Bet the ESL Challenger Melbourne 2024

The ESL Challenger Melbourne 2024 is scheduled to take place from April 26th to April 28th. It will feature an intense showdown among eight competitive teams. With a prize pool totaling $100,000, the event promises thrilling matches.

Several esports betting platforms offer wagering on the ESL Pro League, and Bovada (visit our Bovada Review to learn more) is offering the best odds for the ESL Challenger Melbourne 2024.

MOUZ, the current title holder of the ESL Pro League, will aim to secure its second ESL Pro League championship and will be amongst the favorites. However, regarding the Challengers in Melbourne, Apeks and AURORA are tipped to win Down Under and stake their position in the ESL Pro League 2024.

When betting on Counter-Strike, consider the several betting markets available for exploitation, including correct score, outright win, handicaps, and more.

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