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What Is the NBA 2K League?

by David Manyun
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NBA 2K League

Despite what you’ve heard, NBA 2K isn’t just a game where avid gamers love to earn bragging rights against their friends and boast about who’s the best.

Introducing the NBA 2K League.

Launched in 2018, the NBA 2K League is a professional esports league that Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. and the NBA co-founded. It comprises 25 teams and the top NBA 2K players worldwide.

Let’s take a look at this phenomenon and why it fascinates esports bettors.

2K Games: A Short History

The management at 2K Games likely did not anticipate the company’s massive growth when it first began operations almost two decades ago. 2K is now more than just a company known for its sports gaming games; it is a household name in the gaming business and is gradually expanding its influence in the esports sector as well.

Major franchises, international federations, tech businesses and sponsors from various industries are all part of 2K’s esports relationships. Take-Two Interactive’s 2K Games has been steadily expanding in less than 20 years, putting it in a position to challenge industry heavyweights like Electronic Arts in the sports simulation publishing space.

But, given that the NBA 2K series brings in a lot of money via in-game purchases and microtransactions, it stands to reason that most of 2K’s development budget goes towards this title.

The Most Prominent NBA 2K Tournament: NBA 2K League

A plethora of sports simulation games are fostering ecosystems that cater to esports. For esports, including sports simulations, NBA 2K is popular in North America and other regions with sizable basketball fan bases.

Similar to how you manage a football team in FIFA, you take charge of players in a virtual basketball team in NBA 2K. Play against other players in various game styles in the game’s competitive mode. These modes include the standard fare for NBA 2K esports competitions, such as 3v3 and 5v5.

In 2018, Take-Two Interactive and the National Basketball Association (NBA) partnered to create the NBA 2K League, the most prestigious NBA 2K event.

In addition to two independent clubs that are not associated with NBA franchises, the league has 22 actual NBA teams. The most prominent of them is Gen.G, a long-standing esports group with US and South Korean headquarters.

The league attracted interest from both inside and outside the esports sector as it sought to establish a competitive environment for the NBA 2K game. According to esports viewing statistics provider Esports Charts, there were 46,000 peak views, 30,000 average watchers, and 664,000 hours viewed during the NBA 2K League 2023 Playoffs—astonishing figures, to say the least.

Worldwide, there are NBA 2K esports competitions with substantial prize pools. The NBA 2K League paid around $2.5 million in prize money in 2023. The league has done this in part by negotiating sponsorship arrangements with large companies; companies like AT&T and Coinbase have been involved in the past.

The Importance of the 2K League in Esports

Similar to other publishers, 2K sees esports as a great marketing tool since it allows them to keep their fans and community involved with the game. To motivate players, they host open qualification events that everyone may join and put money on the line.

Furthermore, the NBA 2K League provides entertainment that increases the game’s profile and attracts new fans by showcasing the expertise of professional NBA 2K players competing in the league.

By taking part in the NBA 2K League, NBA clubs may advertise to a younger audience—gamers and esports fans—who aren’t easy to reach via more conventional forms of advertising. Among this important demographic, this has the potential to increase both brand loyalty and recognition.

Some NBA 2K players make a living playing the game professionally because of the league’s commercial approach, which includes prize pools funded by big corporate deals. Even more impressively, in 2023, the NBA 2K League teamed up with the NBPA to help get NBA players involved in marketing activations that promoted the NBA 2K League.

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