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What’s the Deal with Smolder?: Win Rate of the Newest Champion Raises Eyebrows

by David Manyun
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Smolder League of Legends

Smolder, the newest champion in League of Legends, has an exceptionally low win percentage, placing him among the worst characters in the game.

League of Legends’ newest champion was unveiled late last month. An anthropomorphic baby dragon named Smolder—the 167th character—shoots fire and begs his mother for assistance. With his passive Dragon Practice, Smolder, an indefinitely scaling ADC, can progressively acquire strength over time.

New champions in League of Legends, one of the most popular esports titles, are usually either too strong or too weak when launched, so the devs fix them soon after. For this reason, Riot often deploys the champion to the live servers to mine a bigger pool of players for more data. With the latest release, that is precisely the case. With his dismal victory percentage across the board, Smolder has quickly become one of the game’s worst-performing champions.

Smolders Undesirable Win Rate

Stat websites for League of Legends, u.gg, and OP.GG shows that Smolder’s victory rate is 40.3% and 41.7%, respectively. When you choose this character in Champion Select, you give your team an unfair statistical edge.

Naturally, it’s anticipated that players will need some time to familiarize themselves with the new character, resulting in a lower victory rate than usual. Plenty of earlier champions experienced this, too; after receiving little upgrades, they became powerful once the player base discovered their potential.

The small dragon may take flight sooner than we expect, thanks to several adjustments coming in Patch 14.3. It’s unclear whether Riot intends to improve Smolder because of his terrible win rate or if the developers simply want to offer gamers a little more.

Have Patience with Smolder

Players of League of Legends have been hard at work in the lab perfecting Smolder, and those with the greatest patience and strategies are beginning to find success.

For instance, players have swiftly figured out a new build and style for the baby dragon that relies more on poke with AP-based beginning items like Doran’s Ring, thereby eliminating his poor early game since the recent patch.

Although the community may need some time to adapt, the hero’s newfound emphasis on scaling and early lane domination may pave the way for complete passive stacks, allowing him to dominate the game in later stages.

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