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World of Warcraft: The War Within – What Is It & What’s New?

by David Manyun
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WOW the War Within

After Dragonflight concludes, Blizzard’s long-running massively multiplayer online game (MMO) World of Warcraft will get the recently announced expansion known as The War Within. Indeed, it is the first installment of a trilogy of newly disclosed expansions for World of Warcraft: Worldsoul Saga, with Midnight and The Last Titan serving as the remaining installments.

Underneath the surface of Azeroth, in the realm of Khaz Algar, we will encounter the Earthen, a race of dwarves, and other sinister entities like the Nerubians in The War Within. Obviously, an expansion brings more than just a new environment; it also introduces new challenges, such as dungeons, a raid, and a higher-level cap.

Here is what we know about the upcoming expansion on one of the biggest esports titles, World of Warcraft: The War Within so far.

Alpha for WoW: The War Within?

Blizzard has officially declared that the commencement of alpha testing is scheduled for the Spring of 2024. Traditionally, this stage has strongly emphasized a limited number of handpicked participants.

However, to increase your likelihood of participating in the next beta, you may enroll on the official website after the testing phase’s date has been disclosed.

Release Date for WoW: The War Within

We don’t yet know when World of Warcraft: The War Within will be released, but according to the World of Warcraft roadmap for 2024, the expansion is expected to be released between August and October of this year.

Previous expansions have followed a similar pattern, often lasting roughly two years: Considering that Dragonflight came out at the tail end of November 2022, the release window for The War Within next year is typically between October and December. Naturally, the expansion is now scheduled for a “late summer” debut, but that might change as we approach release.

What’s New in WoW: The War Within

Subterranean Zones

The new zones in The War Within are all located deep under Azeroth’s surface. The plot of the long-running multiplayer online game has been hinting toward that direction in recent expansions, so it shouldn’t be too shocking. The enormous sword in Silithis has, since Legion’s conclusion, been pointing us in the direction of this expansion.

Throughout The War Within, players can now access Khaz Algar and its capital city, Dornogal. This vast landscape has four distinct regions: Azj-Kahet, the Isle of Dorn, the Ringing Deeps, and Hallowfall. With the exception of Azj-Kahet, which seems predictably bleak and voidy, all four have their own unique characteristics and appear remarkably pleasant for subterranean zones.

Hero Talents

As players level up to the new cap limit (80), additional talents will be available for each class to assign. These provide two distinct perspectives on the same subject. Consider a druid who has to decide whether to focus on elevating their Lunar or Treant powers.

Though the exact skills are anticipated to vary over the coming months as testing begins and feedback is offered, you can see how this will operate here.

Dungeons, Raids, and Now, Delves!

The War Within is getting delve additions alongside the standard fare of new dungeons and raids. These are a whole new kind of endgame tasks that players may take on alone or with others. Players shouldn’t feel pressured to perform them every week since they are supposed to be entirely independent of dungeons and raids.

Along with you, you may bring an NPC companion that can transform into a different specialization based on your group’s requirements. If you want to get to the treasure trove in the end, you’ll have to conquer bosses, solve riddles, and go through various stages of difficulty. Not only that, but they, like other endgame activities, will sync up seasons.

Dwarfs for All

Now is your chance to play as a dwarf, my dear Horde player! This new ally race allows you to select between the two factions. Although it may seem strange at first, keep in mind that we have already seen what may be considered a racial crossover with the Void Elves of the Alliance. Almost every class in the game, except Druid, evoker, and Demon Hunter, is playable by Earthen.

Going through The War Within campaign, you will immediately unlock the Earthen race as a playable race, unlike the initial allied races. Everyone who has toiled away at reputations and quest chains to unlock the previous allied races now breathes a great sigh of relief.

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