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Poker Prodigies Series – Daniel Negreanu

by Craig Edwards
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We start our Poker Prodigy Series by looking at the top poker player and celebrity, Daniel Negreanu, recapping his accomplishments, and what the future has in store for “Poker Kid”.

Vegas Dreams

The Canadian Superstar of poker who calls himself “DNegs” might be closing in on his fiftieth birthday but is still as fresh-faced as ever and leading the game from the front.

Born in Ontario in 1974 after his Romanian parents emigrated, Negreanu was a high-school dropout and the original rounder like the iconic film, plying his trade in any poker game he could.

With his bankroll built, the twenty-two-year-old left for Las Vegas to pursue his ambition to be a professional poker player but “Sin City” got the better of him the first time around and he was forced to move back to Canada.

Negreanu’s Breakthrough Win and Achievements

Daniel Negreanu’s big breakthrough at the WSOP came a year later at the 1998 $2,000 Pot Limit Holdem event when he won his first of six bracelets and $160,000.

Negreanu’s five other bracelets came between 2003 and 2013 with two at no-limit holdem and two at limit holdem and one in HOSE or SHOE (H for Holdem, O for Omaha, S for seven-card stud and E for seven-card stud eight or better).

Daniel Negreanu Plays a Pivotal Role in the Poker Boom

2004 saw Daniel Negreanu become famous for two WPT titles at the Bogota Open and five Diamond Classic, which launched his celebrity career along with playing a huge role in the poker boom with his friendly persona.

His persona at the table was different, talking away convivially to his opponents whole getting a read and their tells but in a rather friendly jokey manner.

I think it is fair to say Daniel Negreanu became the face of poker with his “poker kid” nickname.

That celebrity image has seen Negreanu play cameo roles in X-men movies and has often been the main ingredient behind many televised pro-celebrity poker events that became popular viewing.

Daniel Negreanu is the Original Rounder

Just like the iconic film Rounders which starred Ed Norton, Matt Damon, and John Malkovich, Daniel Negreanu is the modern embodiment of a rounder, a poker player who will play any game at any time for profit.

He has even managed to translate that success to online poker and here at Joe Wager we have many online poker rooms rigorously tested and recommended by our experts.

Negreanu Has Success in the Online Poker Rooms

The Canadian Superstar’s ability transcended into online poker rooms in the past ten years. Indeed, he won the 2016 HORSE World Championship which encompasses Texas Holdem, Omaha, Razz, and both seven-card studs.

This journey online has also seen Negreanu offer pieces of his action to fans and create some brilliant content to help poker players of all levels.

Recent Times Have Been Testing for Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu is nothing if not upstanding, honest, and all about transparency, so it must have hurt him to take to his YouTube channel to declare that 2023 was his worst year ever, as he suffered a loss of over $2,000,000.

To add further context, it was only Negreanu’s second losing year since his breakthrough WSOP win in 1998 and he took to social media to say he felt,

“Incredibly fortunate to only have one losing year where I lost about one million, another one where I broke even and then winning years every other year”

Negreanu continued by declaring,

“This is what holding yourself accountable looks like, I’m not just going to share my winning years, I’m going to share my losing years.

“So, when I see this number, it just motivates me, it lights a fire under my butt and, like I said, 2024 – lookout – because ‘DNegs’ is comin’ for ya.”

What Does the Future Hold for “Poker Kid”?

Despite those recent lean times for Daniel Negreanu, we are not worried about the forty-nine-year-old Canadian’s future.

Peaks and troughs are part and parcel of a poker professional’s life and we identified how “Poker Kid” has suffered knockbacks before, like the time he had to return home from Las Vegas to Canada after his first foray into playing card games for a living.

He has proved himself before and his recent social media posts illustrate how he has owned them bad times and rededicated himself to his precarious profession.


If anyone has a chance of usurping the late and great Doyle Brunson in poker folklore it will be Daniel Negreanu and his poker story has many chapters to run!

Don’t be surprised if in future years we are watching the life of Daniel Negreanu on the big screen!

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Craig Edwards
Craig Edwards, an online tipster in golf and snooker for over four years, boasts a track record of 7800 bets with a 28% return on investment. A snooker professional from 1988 to 1996, he was once a single-figure handicap golfer. Achieving the 282nd position in the WSOP MAIN EVENT in 2007, Craig possesses a unique insight into the psychological shifts of professional sportsmen, anticipating their mindset week by week.

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