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Poker Prodigy Series – Doug Polk

by Craig Edwards
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This next episode of Joe Wager’s Poker Prodigy Series brings one of the most recent prodigies to investigate.

His name is Doug Polk, quite a polarising character and player who has ridden roughshod over much of the old guard with his modern analytical statistical approach to poker decision-making.

Doug Polk’s Online Beginnings: aka-WCGRider

Doug Polk is the epitome of the modern poker player with his grounding in online poker.

For Polk, his journey as a Poker Prodigy began after he dropped out of University in North Carolina, and he started playing $0.01/0.02 cash games from which he ran up a $20 deposit into a $10,000 bankroll.

Poker Prodigy Series Doug Polk

However, by 2011, Polk was struggling, calling himself a “rake back pro” and rededicated himself to playing No-Limit Hold’em heads-up cash games only. This was a huge success with his uber-aggressive style of play based on optimum decision-making. Two years later he was widely regarded as one of the best online cash game players in the world.

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Doug Polks Heads up Challenges

Doug Polk’s first heads-up challenge where he made his reputation was a 15,000 hands heads-up match with Ben Sulsky, from which he profited to the tune of $750,000 and received a reward of $100,000 on top of his already substantial profits. After Daniel Negreanu spouted that he would beat the $25/50 games of online poker after two weeks of practice, Polk took to social media to say Negreanu was underestimating how good the top online poker players had become.

There was much back and forth between the two goliaths of poker on social media platforms, eventually resulting in a Challenge match in 2020 that began in the July. By the time they closed the challenge match in February 2021, Polk had profited to the tune of $1,200,000 over 25,000 hands played. There was also a slew of action on the side with many bets amongst the poker fraternity, to which Polk himself netted another half a million dollars.

The result of the two heads up challenges saw Polk net an extraordinary $2,500,000 while enhancing his reputation as the one of –if not the best– heads-up practitioner of No Limit Hold’em heads up in the world

YouTube Poker Coaching Channel Brought Optimum Decision Making to Poker

With Doug Polk’s reputation growing online, in 2016, he produced an online poker channel called Doug Polk Poker where he made many tutorials for online poker players to improve their games and achieve their goals.

To achieve this, Polk brought his unique Statistical approach to the market, which was illustrated by his standardized tables set around making optimum decisions dependent on the players’ stack sizes in ratio to blinds.

WSOP Achievements

It would be a mistake to believe that Polk’s ability does not transcend to live play as three WSOP Bracelets prove.

  • 2014: $1,000 Turbo No Limit Hold’em
  • 2016: $1,000 Tag Team No Limit Hold’em (partnered with Ryan Fee)
  • 2017: $111,111 High Roller for One Drop No Limit Hold’em

Polk’s forays into live play have been sporadic but his $111,111 High Roller for One Drop No Limit Hold’em netted him a cool $3,686,865 for outlasting a field of 130 high rollers and top players. His current tally for live poker winnings stands at just under $10 million.

Doug Polk Takes a Break From the Limelight in Recent Years

The last couple of years have seen Polk disappear from public view and become the co-owner of the Lodge Card Club in Austin, Texas.

He did play last year’s WSOP Main Event and cashed in 674th for $27,500.

What Does the Future Hold for Doug Polk?

Doug Polk is now thirty-five-years-old, which is still relatively young in poker terms. We expect him to be back in the spotlight soon.

It is fair to say his Lodge Card Club is now established as a poker club specializing in all formats of the game, from cash to tournaments. The card room provides a superb member experience for all levels of players.

Much of the high-stakes action is streamed live across the internet and Polk continues to lead the way in whatever he chooses to do around the game of poker.

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Craig Edwards, an online tipster in golf and snooker for over four years, boasts a track record of 7800 bets with a 28% return on investment. A snooker professional from 1988 to 1996, he was once a single-figure handicap golfer. Achieving the 282nd position in the WSOP MAIN EVENT in 2007, Craig possesses a unique insight into the psychological shifts of professional sportsmen, anticipating their mindset week by week.

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