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Online Poker Tournament Mastery: Proven Strategies for Success

by Craig Edwards
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Welcome to the world of online poker, where strategy and skill converge to create thrilling tournaments that can transform your gaming experience. In “Online Poker Tournament Mastery: Proven Strategies for Success,” we delve into the essential steps for newcomers and seasoned players alike, guiding you towards a path of poker prowess.

So let’s look at the nine steps to keep in mind when playing your first online poker tournament.

1. Online Tournament Selection 

There are many factors to consider when looking at the options for your online tournament selection. The amount of time that you have available to devote to playing is key because tournaments have different time frames.   

The standard online tournament has blinds of 10-12 minutes which means at least 5 to 6 hours of play to complete. On the other hand, Turbo events have 5-minute blinds to complete and you only need approximately 150 minutes to finish. 

There are super turbo events, with 3-minute blinds, that can be done in just over an hour if your time is valuable. Meanwhile, if you have many hours to kill, the deep stack events with 15-minute blinds or over are a great grounding to learn the game. 

2. Bankroll

Once you have selected the length of tournament you’re playing, you need to consider which event is suited best to your bankroll.  I suggest being very careful and prudent with your bankroll while you move through the levels and learn the game.   

Therefore, if your bankroll is $1000 then start no bigger than $10 buy-in, which equates to 100 buy-ins. I am fine with being over-cautious at the beginning of your poker journey and $5 tournaments equate to 200 buy-ins. 

Prescribed bankroll Minimum: 100 Buy-ins at $10 tournaments = $1000

3. Set the Foundations – Hand Ranges 

With your tournament chosen you now need to consider your image is everything in online poker tournaments.  I suggest starting out with a premium range hand selection when the blinds are very small relative to stacks. It can be prudent to play your big hands fast and keep things uncomplicated in those early stages. 

Familiarize yourself with hand values using a table like the one below.

4. The Power of Position – Building an Image 

Understanding table position is key. The later your position at the table the better in poker. 

The dealer button is last to act and accordingly the best position, by then you will have learned from your opponent’s action before making your play. The Cut-off is the position before the dealer and a strong position from which to grab the initiative in a hand of poker with only the button to follow. 

The later position you have, with knowledge of starting hands mentioned earlier, widens the range of starting hands that you can employ theoretically in a game of online poker 

Use the table below to help understand the power of position in online poker tournaments.

5. Take notes in the early stages 

By playing fewer hands in the early stages as mentioned, it brings the perfect opportunity to make notes on your opponents while they are involved in pots with others on the tables. Online poker rooms have the option to make notes on each player so if you see noticeable traits, make a note, you never know when it comes in useful! 

6. Mix Strategies in Middle Stages 

If you have kept things tight in the early stages by playing only premium hands and positions, you will have built your image perfectly to exploit in the middle stages of an online poker tournament.

By now, you have notes on many players that you can utilize with the power of position. Pressure those players who play too loose and have shown a propensity to fold. If you have built your image as tight you should be able to exploit against similar types by using the power of position.

7. Ramp Up Aggression On the Money Bubble 

As you get deep in an online poker tournament the pressure gets vamped up with the event money bubble first. By this time, players will have been sat down for several hours and not looking to be knocked out just before the money. 

At this stage, there will be a percentage of players who are playing out of a “fear of losing” mindset. They are exploitable on money bubbles whether the initial one or those around the final table bubble when there are big pay jumps can be even more exploitable.

8. Play Affordable Stakes 

This goes hand in hand with the aggression level mentioned above. If you are playing games that you can afford to lose in, psychologically, it will free your mind up to concentrate on playing your best game at the correct moments. 

9. Have Fun and Enjoy!

If you have those strategies aligned nicely in your mind, the time has come to enjoy online poker tournaments. They can be huge fun and winning one brings a sense of contentment and satisfaction all its own, let alone a nice jump in your profits and bankroll.

As you hone your skills and build your poker image, remember that fun and enjoyment are integral to the game. By following these proven strategies, you’ll not only boost your bankroll but also find a sense of contentment and satisfaction in the thrilling world of online poker tournaments. 

So, deal the cards, make your moves, and embrace the adventure with confidence and skill.

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Craig Edwards
Craig Edwards, an online tipster in golf and snooker for over four years, boasts a track record of 7800 bets with a 28% return on investment. A snooker professional from 1988 to 1996, he was once a single-figure handicap golfer. Achieving the 282nd position in the WSOP MAIN EVENT in 2007, Craig possesses a unique insight into the psychological shifts of professional sportsmen, anticipating their mindset week by week.

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