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Betting on Vice Presidential Candidate Odds for 2024

by Scott Kacsmar
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As we move into May, there is still much uncertainty about who will be the Republican Vice President candidate for Donald Trump this November.

On the Democratic side, Kamala Harris seems to be a lock to run on the same ticket as incumbent Joe Biden again. In fact, political betting sites have taken those odds off the market as Harris was -800 in March to be the VP pick, and you can only assume they’d be -20000 or higher at this point with the election 6 months away.

However, the choice for Trump is a big one for understanding which direction the party might be going in as you never know if Trump will be able to serve a full 2nd term if he wins in November given his age and ongoing legal issues. Throw in Biden’s age too, and the battle of Vice Presidents in this election may never be more important in U.S. election history than it is in 2024.

Below, you will find the latest odds for the 2024 Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Odds.

Doug Burgum+300N/A+300
Tim Scott+475N/A+500
JD Vance+450N/A+550
Tulsi Gabbard+900N/A+900
Marco Rubio+600N/A+800
Elise Stefanik+1400N/A+1800

Some candidates have crashed and burned quickly on the Republican side such as Alabama Senator Katie Britt after she delivered that embarrassing response to the State of the Union Address in February.

Yet, we also have quite the update on the favorite from not even 2 months ago as Kristi Noem has fallen to a big underdog, a phrase that would likely anger her more than the average person.

Kristi Noem: Six Feet Under With Her Dogs

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem was thought to be a leading candidate for Trump’s VP pick. She is all in on the MAGA movement, and her state was the only one to reject COVID-19 unemployment benefits for its citizens.

In March, her odds were +325 at BetOnline (find out more with our BetOnline Review) to be the Republican Vice President nominee. Today, she is down to +4000 – the same as Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley – after one of the most ridiculous acts of self-sabotage that we have seen from a politician.

Living in South Dakota, Noem is a farmer and rancher. She was preparing a 2nd autobiography to be released in 2024, entitled No Going Back, and now there is no going back after an excerpt revealed she once shot and killed a working dog named Cricket for being untrainable.

People love dogs, and that love is one of the few things that would unite Republican and Democratic voters on a topic. However, not only did Noem gleefully write about killing a dog she hated, and thought was “less than worthless” for a hunting dog, but she also titled the chapter “Bad Day to be a Goat.”

After she killed Cricket the dog, Noem also killed a goat that she called “disgusting, musky and rancid.” She led the animals to a gravel pit where she shot and killed them. This allegedly happened 20 years ago, so why would she think this ever needed to be written in the book? Who is going to enjoy this story?

As if that wasn’t enough, Noem also wrote in the book how she dreams of taking over the presidency from Joe Biden in 2025, and that she’d make sure Biden’s dog Commander, who has bitten many Secret Service agents, would be off the grounds. She even writes “Commander, say hello to Cricket for me” in the book, suggesting she’d have Commander killed.

Rolling Stone has reported sources close to Trump that the former president finds the story disgusting and is looking to distance himself from Noem. She never felt like a great candidate in the 1st place, but this bizarre admission of killing animals from 20 years ago has all but sunk her chances to be the VP pick.

Updated Vice Presidential Candidate Odds

With Noem’s implosion, here are the updated odds from BetOnline for the Republican VP candidates. These are the 8 candidates with better than +2200 odds, and we have noted the change from the middle of March if we have that number:

Tim Scott+425Up from +450
Doug Burgum+450Up from +1200
J.D. Vance+550Up from +3500
Tulsi Gabbard+700Up from +900
Marco Rubio+500N/A
Any Other Candidate+900N/A
Ben Carson+1300Down from +1100
Elise Stefanik+1300Down from +800

We certainly see some risers from March, including Marco Rubio, the Florida Senator that Trump once called “Little Marco” and got into debates about their hand size (among other things).

However, the riser to watch would be Ohio’s J.D. Vance, who has been a Trumper since Day 1, and Trump has endorsed him as a young senator in Ohio. Still, the Hillbilly Elegy author is still relatively new to politics as he’ll be 40 years old in November. He would be the 3rd-youngest VP in history.

Meanwhile, Elise Stefanik continues to fall from +800 to +1300. The idea of Trump going with a woman this time to try to get more women voters makes sense. However, Nikki Haley (+4000) might be the only woman candidate who can truly swing things for him, and he may never pick her out of spite for being his final challenger for the party nomination.

We also know Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (+3750) is content with being the 3rd-party choice for independent voters as he is polling at about 10% nationally. He can play spoiler to Trump or Biden in November, and a team up with Trump is very unlikely at this stage of the race.

The choice of any other candidate not listed (+800) is interesting, because what if Trump does go out of left field with an underdog no one is considering? The longshots only go as long as former FOX News host Tucker Carlson (+5000), and we know that’s not going to be the pick.

Taking the field at +800 may be one of the smartest moves you could make at this point if you don’t trust these candidates.

Tim Scott: The Betting Odds Leader but an Odd Leader

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott was 2nd in odds (+450) in March, and he was our pick at the time. He is the new odds-on favorite at +400 after Noem really screwed the pooch.

Scott has shown he can win elections in the South as a Black man, which is a rarity, especially for the Republican party. Still, Trump would be leaning on him for that support, and Scott would be a loyal, “yes man” for him, which is exactly what Trump expects of anyone he picks.

However, Scott is under some scrutiny this week after he would not commit to accepting the 2024 election results should Trump not win. Instead of a yes or no answer, Scott continued to insist that Trump was going to win the election. A Democratic victory was never an option for him.

This sounds like a candidate warming up to the idea that he would support Trump in another “the election was stolen” lie should the Republicans lose again. This type of answer will certainly give Scott brownie points in Trump’s mind as he is the candidate who only accepts election results when he wins. This is something he has said going back to the 2016 election. It’s only a fair election when he wins.

While Scott was good value at +450 in March, we’re less thrilled with him at +400 in May. There may be a better choice who is quickly climbing the odds.

Doug Burgum: The Other Dakota Governor Who Didn’t Shoot a Dog and Goat

If Trump wants to go with a Governor from Dakota, he may find Doug Burgum the less problematic choice. He didn’t shoot a dog and goat and brag about it in a book. His biggest sin might be offering $20 gift cards to people who donated even just $1 to his campaign last year.

Burgum didn’t last long in the presidential race as he couldn’t get people to remember his name nationally, but he is rich with an estimated net worth of $1.1 billion. That will impress, and hopefully not intimidate, Trump.

Also, like Trump, Burgum only entered politics in 2016 and won the governorship in North Dakota without any prior political experience. He is not going to run for a 3rd term, which led many to believe the vice presidency is what he now seeks despite earlier saying he did not want it should he not get the Republican nomination for president.

Abortion is a huge topic for the election, and Burgum seems to have aligned with Trump’s current beliefs that it should be left up to the states, and Burgum does not seek a federal abortion ban. Burgum is unlikely to be as antagonistic towards Trump as a more popular Governor like Ron DeSantis (Florida) would be. Burgum has reportedly been on Trump’s short list for months.

The Republican National Convention is July 15-18, so Trump has a couple more months to make this decision. We went with Tim Scott last time, but Burgum seems to be more up Trump’s alley right now. That’s our top pick right now, but don’t sell Trump short from going against the grain and taking someone not listed, which has good value at +800 odds.

Pick: Republican Vice President Nominee – Doug Burgum (+450) at BetOnline

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