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Who Is Fani Willis & How Could She Impact Trump’s Georgia Case?

by Rain Man
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Fani Willis

Donald Trump is facing a total of 91 criminal charges. All of those charges are felonies. 13 of those criminal charges make up Trump’s Georgia case.

From his point of view, he believes that he won Georgia and that Joe Biden required acts of election fraud in order to receive a higher number of votes than him in this state.

Fani Willis disagrees, however. Her opinion matters even though she has yet to be proven right, because now Trump is dealing with this major legal headache ahead of the 2024 election. Trump, ever keen to identify himself as a victim of politics, claims that Willis has been stalling her investigation so as to force Trump to deal with legal issues instead of allowing him to campaign for the upcoming election.

So who is this person, Fani Willis, who has such an undeniably significant influence on Trump’s legal situation and, specifically, on Trump’s Georgia case?

In addition to determining who she is and how she helped initiate this part of Trump’s legal mess, let’s identify her role in Trump’s Georgia case, as well as his race to the Presidency at top betting sites, going forward.

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Recalling Fulton County

Recall, first of all, that Fulton County, Georgia is the site that is responsible for shifting the presidential election results in Georgia to Joe Biden’s favor. This is the county where, allegedly, a burst water pipe on election night prevented election workers from continuing to be able to count votes.

So the allegation of fraud continues: Republican poll-observers were forced to be sent home and were never allowed to return.

Election workers were then supposedly able to steal the election for Biden, helping him receive enough votes to win the state of Georgia.

Who Is Fani Willis?

Fani Willis matters because Fulton County matters. When we say that she is the District Attorney of that county, we mean that ever-so-controversial county in Georgia.

As DA of Fulton County, Willis is responsible for determining whether crimes were committed within that county. She has the responsibility of investigating those crimes. Furthermore, it is her duty to launch criminal charges when she sees fit.

Willis is alleging that Trump committed crimes in trying to overturn Georgia’s supposedly legal election results, so she took it upon herself to charge Trump.

This is naturally the biggest case of her career. For sure, she has worked on high-profile criminal cases before. She is an experienced DA and trial lawyer who has gained a positive reputation within her state for her work against gangs and, for example, dishonest teachers.

However, those crimes were generally only known and talked about within her state. Trump’s case is of a magnitude that extends its relevance to the entire country. Before Trump’s case, people outside of Georgia were much less likely to have heard her name spoken.

Trump’s Charges in Georgia

So what are the accusations against Trump in Georgia? What exactly is Willis alleging that Trump did in this state that was illegal?

One charge is racketeering. Supposedly, Trump illicitly conspired to overturn Georgia’s election results by committing fraudulent acts.

With three counts, another charge that Trump is facing is soliciting a public official to violate his oath. This charge refers to the rather notorious phone call that Trump made to Georgia’s Secretary of State.

In this call, Trump is alleged to have told him to “find the votes” and to have otherwise tried to compel him to overturn (illicitly, of course) the election results in Georgia.

Trump is denying all of these charges.

Despite his denial, he conceded to Willis’ call to surrender himself voluntarily. His Fulton County mugshot is now famous.

The former President is calling these charges politically motivated not only as a consequence of their timing but also as a consequence of who they hurt and who they support. Willis is, according to Trump, influencing the Georgia case in order to damage his reputation, to legitimize Joe Biden’s election and, above all, to prevent him from running for president again.

Willis and the Georgia Case Going Forward

Trump claims that Willis needs to drop all of her charges against him in Georgia because, in his words, her case is “totally compromised.”

He has made this claim in response to allegations, which she has not denied but affirmed, that she participated in a deeply unethical romantic relationship with a lead prosecutor in the case.

The extent of allegations against her is indeed extensive. Supposedly, she has benefited financially from her case against the former President, allowing her, for example, to travel together with this prosecutor.

Going forward, then, Willis could impact Trump’s Georgia case by totally undermining her efforts against him through this serious ethics violation.

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