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BetOnline is a top online sportsbook that is known for offering competitive odds, an impressive variety of bonuses, and plenty of wagering markets to keep sports bettors engaged.
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Betting Odds
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BetOnline has a spotless payment record and is one of the most trusted online sportsbooks.

Customer Satisfaction

BetOnline, a well-established sportsbook with a history dating back to 2001, has earned a reputation as a reliable and reputable player in the sports betting industry. Operating under the auspices of the Panama gaming commission, BetOnline is subject to stringent regulations and oversight, providing bettors with a sense of security and trust. Over the years, BetOnline has consistently delivered on its promise of prompt payouts and honoring winning wagers, garnering a spotless record with no lingering complaints or disputes.

What sets BetOnline apart is its commitment to transparency and user-friendliness. Their terms and conditions are straightforward and comprehensible, ensuring that bettors are well-informed before placing their bets. To cater to the diverse preferences of its user base, BetOnline offers multiple odds formats, including American, decimal, and fractional odds, allowing bettors to choose the format that best suits their needs. In the rare event of any issues or discrepancies, BetOnline provides a structured dispute resolution process and actively engages in third-party mediation services, collaborating with mediators to swiftly address and resolve any concerns that may arise.

The sportsbook’s dedication to customer satisfaction is underscored by its strong online presence. With 46,000 followers on Twitter, BetOnline engages with its user community openly and transparently, offering a direct channel for customers to voice their opinions and seek assistance. Independent reviews and customer testimonials consistently paint a positive picture of BetOnline’s services, instilling trust in the minds of bettors.

Banking and Payouts

BetOnline has a spotless payment record and is one of the most trusted online sportsbooks.

Deposit Methods
Cryptocurrency Options
Bitcoin Guides
Withdrawal Methods

BetOnline Sportsbook excels in providing a comprehensive range of cryptocurrency options for both deposits and withdrawals, including popular choices like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. These transactions are characterized by speed and are typically fee-free, with additional incentives through exclusive promotions.


Deposit MethodMinimumMaximumFee
Money Order$300$9,000Contact CS
Wire Transfer$500$10,000$45

Diversity is the name of the game at BetOnline, and this extends to the spectrum of deposit options available to users. From cryptocurrency to wire transfers, money orders to book-to-book transfers, the sportsbook leaves no stone unturned. While credit card deposits are possible, it’s worth noting that this option isn’t available to U.S. customers. The range of deposit methods spans credit and debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and more, granting users the flexibility they desire. It’s important to be aware that certain deposit methods come with associated fees, a practice consistent with industry standards. Nevertheless, deposits are efficiently processed, usually becoming available for use within a matter of hours.

When it comes to making withdrawals, BetOnline offers a similar level of diversity, ensuring users can choose the method that suits them best. Options include wire transfers, checks, book-to-book transfers, and cryptocurrency, provided the initial deposit was made using a digital currency. Just like with deposits, users can opt for credit and debit cards, e-wallets, or bank transfers. The sportsbook maintains an admirable track record of timely and hassle-free withdrawals, a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction. It’s important to note, though, that certain withdrawal methods may entail fees, a practice in line with industry standards. Nevertheless, BetOnline ensures that withdrawal requests are processed and completed promptly, typically within a matter of hours.


Withdrawal MethodMinimumMaximumFee
BTC$200$100,000Network fees apply
BCH$20$10,000Network fees apply
Litecoin$20$25,000Network fees apply
P2P$50$400$26 to $51
Money Order$500$9,000$80
Wire Transfer$500$25,000$45
Check by Courier$500$2,500$50 (on payouts under $1,500)

For those venturing into the realm of cryptocurrencies for the first time, BetOnline provides accessible resources and guides for users new to cryptocurrency transactions, although some advanced or specific topics may require external sources for further information.

Betting Odds

Known for offering opinionated lines, BetOnline has an impressive depth of sports wagering markets with competitive lines.

Odds Update Frequency
Quality of Odds
Overnight Odds
Betting Limits
Reduced Juice
Parlay Betting

BetOnline Sportsbook’s bet limits are versatile, with a minimum of $1 and a maximum of $25,000 for specific wagers, varying with the sport’s popularity. Notably, users can re-bet when odds change or every 61 seconds upon reaching a set limit. Different sports or leagues may have lower bet limits, aligning with industry norms.

In the realm of odds, BetOnline offers competitive rates, slightly surpassing many rivals, although it lacks bet cash-out and cancellation options, which may be a drawback for some users. For NHL games, higher odds with partial reduced juice are consistent. Occasional opinionated lines boost odds for high-profile events. Yet, the sportsbook’s soccer odds seem less competitive.

BetOnline distinguishes itself through rapid odds updates, with near real-time adjustments to market changes. Overnight odds receive frequent updates, though the speed varies by sport. While it leads in updating odds, it lacks specific tools, alerts, or resources to assist bettors in understanding or responding to these updates.

For parlay enthusiasts, BetOnline provides a wide range of options, but with exceptions. Proposition bets, futures, and specific sports are excluded from parlay possibilities. Parlay and accumulator bets cannot be cashed out or partially cashed out before all selections settle. A $150,000 maximum payout sets BetOnline apart, though it lacks additional resources for parlay bettors.

BetOnline’s overnight odds offering excels, with competitive lines for upcoming events. These odds are generally accessible by 8 PM ET the night before an event, though only full-game wagers are available overnight, excluding runline, puckline, and moneyline bets for some sports.

Reduced juice is a highlight for NHL events, enhancing the attractiveness of BetOnline for NHL bettors. It remains limited in scope compared to other sportsbooks. While reduced juice options can be challenging to locate, the competitive odds offered make it an appealing choice for NHL betting enthusiasts.

Usability and Design

This section details the usability and design of the BetOnline website.

Tutorial Resources
Speed and Responsiveness
Search and Filter Options
User Experience

BetOnline’s user-friendly interface offers an enjoyable experience for sports bettors of all levels. The “favorites” feature allows customization of the menu, simplifying navigation between sports, leagues, and events. The platform’s accessibility across various devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablet, enhances its convenience.

The props builder tool facilitates quick prop parlays, while the “Starts in” dropdown menu provides a concise summary of upcoming events. Personalization options, including tailored suggestions and layout settings, elevate the user experience, setting it apart from other sportsbooks. BetOnline accommodates diverse preferences by offering American, decimal, and fractional odds.

There are a few areas that could be improved, notably in the bet history and site speed when inputting prop/live picks.

The platform’s search and filter options offer a mixed experience. The “Favorites” menu is a game-changer for frequent bettors, streamlining access to favorite events. Advanced search options, such as filtering by odds, bet types, or timeframes, work efficiently. Users can save or modify their search and filter preferences, enhancing personalization. These options function effectively across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

BetOnline’s platform boasts impressive speed and responsiveness, ensuring reliability even during peak times or major events. Technical issues and downtime are rare, facilitating a smooth betting experience. Bets are processed swiftly, with account balances updated in under a minute, further enhancing the platform’s appeal.

There is room for improvement in live betting and prop betting responsiveness, which can be slow, occasionally leading to frustrating delays in bet processing.

While BetOnline provides tutorials and assistance resources, these could be more comprehensive. The clarity of rollover rules raises concerns, as understanding how to meet requirements can be challenging.

Promotions and Bonuses

This section details the bonuses and promotions offered by BetOnline.

Welcome Bonus
Ongoing Promotions
Loyalty Program
Wagering Requirements

BetOnline Sportsbook extends a welcoming hand to new users with a readily accessible welcome bonus, offering a range of matching options that vary throughout the year. These options are further diversified based on the chosen deposit method, including the use of cryptocurrencies. Bettors should be aware that these bonuses are accompanied by rollover requirements, ranging from 5X to 30X, depending on the specific matching option.

Claiming and utilizing the welcome bonus is a straightforward process, instantly crediting bonus funds to users’ accounts. It’s important to note that the free plays earned from the welcome bonus are exclusively valid within the sportsbook, with no applicability to the racebook, casino, poker, or live betting sections. Additionally, the welcome bonus cannot be combined with other ongoing promotions or bonuses, ensuring bettors are fully aware of the terms.


Welcome BonusesBonus ForMaxRolloverTerms
100% Free Play (Crypto)Sportsbook$1,00014X30 days to meet rollover
50% Free PlaySportsbook$1,00010X30 days to meet wagering requirements
100% Bonus CashCasino$1,00045XBaccarat, craps, and roulette do not count for rollover
100% Bonus CashPoker$1,000$5 released per $50 in rakeAll real money poker games count for rollover

BetOnline’s appeal extends beyond new users, as the sportsbook offers a consistent stream of ongoing promotions and bonuses, particularly during major sporting event seasons, such as MLB and NFL kickoffs. These promotions often involve bonuses for users who redeposit, though the specific amounts and rollover requirements may vary.

Claiming and utilizing these ongoing promotions and bonuses is a hassle-free experience on the platform, though the same restriction applies to free plays as with the welcome bonus.
The wagering requirements, although standard, have some limitations in place to guide users toward betting in specific areas, such as the sportsbook exclusively or the sportsbook and casino. Additionally, certain requirements may impose limitations on the types of bets that can be placed, including odds restrictions, prop bets, or live betting constraints.

It’s important to note that BetOnline does not offer a dedicated loyalty or VIP program for its users. While promotions are available, they are not tailored to a loyalty or VIP scheme. This may be a drawback for those seeking enhanced rewards and benefits for their ongoing betting activities when compared to sportsbooks that do offer such programs, but users have reported no issues in redeeming rewards from the available promotions, ensuring a seamless experience.

Sports Markets

This section details the variety of sports betting markets offered by BetOnline.

Props Betting
Future Bets
Live Betting
Variety of Sports
Types of Bets
Sports Markets

BetOnline’s sportsbook offers a wide range of betting options, from major sports leagues to eSports markets. However, it has limitations in odds for non-major sports like the Nascar Xfinity and Truck Series, as well as soccer events.

The platform excels in delivering up-to-date odds for seasonal sports and special events, particularly in American Football and the Olympics.

Bet types are varied, including personalized bets through the Bet Builder feature and odds boosts for potential increased payouts. Nonetheless, the sportsbook lacks certain bet types like Asian handicap, cash-out features, and the ability to request custom bets. The maximum payout for a single bet, parlay/accumulator, or parlay/accumulator is capped at $150,000.

An appealing feature of the sportsbook is its reduced juice money-line and totals for NHL betting, commencing from as low as 10 cents. This benefit is available from Opening Night until the conclusion of the Stanley Cup Finals, offering users improved value for their bets.
In the realm of in-play betting, BetOnline provides a decent experience, with a broad array of possibilities for major events. Users can place live bets directly from the in-play interface, which is customizable, allowing them to view the information they prefer. The platform does lack notifications, live statistics, and special promotions, however.

Although the sportsbook does not offer live event broadcasting, it simplifies the identification and access of in-play betting options. Unfortunately, there are no special promotions or bonuses tailored specifically for in-play betting, which could potentially enhance its appeal.
Prop betting is a highlight with a wide range of sports and tournaments, innovative options and a prop bet builder tool. Users are unable to request specific prop bets or odds if they are not available. Additionally, the odds for prop bets are average compared to other sportsbooks, and there are no unique promotions or bonuses for prop betting.

Navigating the platform to place futures bets is straightforward, facilitating bettors in planning their wagers well in advance. BetOnline’s futures betting options span various sports and leagues, featuring common bet types like win totals, league champions, and MVPs.

Customer Service

This section breaks down the customer service experience with BetOnline.

Response Time
FAQs and Self-Help

BetOnline’s commitment to providing top-notch customer support is evident in their 24/7 availability, ensuring that sports bettors have access to assistance whenever they require it. The rapid response times, often within just a few minutes, demonstrate their dedication to promptly addressing bettors’ inquiries and issues. Beyond the standard hours of operation, the availability of customer support has been met with satisfaction, emphasizing the sportsbook’s unwavering commitment to delivering a seamless and hassle-free betting experience.

Round-the-clock customer support is an indispensable pillar of any reputable sportsbook, and BetOnline excels in this regard. The combination of swift response times and high user satisfaction during off-hours makes their customer service a compelling feature for bettors who value accessibility at any time. The sportsbook’s consistent efficiency in handling user inquiries adds to its appeal, ensuring that assistance is readily available when time is of the essence. With a well-equipped support team capable of managing the influx of inquiries and issues, BetOnline reinforces its dedication to delivering quality customer service.

BetOnline bolsters its customer support offerings with an accessible and comprehensive FAQ section, designed to assist users in finding answers to their questions without the need for direct contact with customer support. The self-help resources cover an extensive array of topics related to the sportsbook and its services, providing a valuable resource for users seeking quick solutions, though there is still room for improvement in the organization and user-friendliness of the FAQ section to enhance the overall user experience.

In interactions with customer support representatives, bettors encounter an average level of knowledge and professionalism. These representatives generally offer accurate and helpful information, displaying a solid grasp of the platform, its features, and the services it provides. Additionally, the support team typically exhibits empathy and understanding when addressing user concerns. While the support team’s performance is commendable, there remains an opportunity for further refinement in terms of their knowledge and professionalism.


This section breaks down the security features in place at BetOnline.

Two-Factor Authentication
Know Your Customer
Anti-Fraud Measures
Website Security

BetOnline’s commitment to user security is evident through its use of domain validation SSL encryption to safeguard user data and transactions, providing a basic yet effective level of protection. The platform goes further by offering two-factor authentication (2FA), a significant advantage for users concerned about account security. Supported 2FA methods, including email and cell phone verification, allow users to choose their preferred mode of added security.

Setting up and using 2FA on the platform is straightforward, ensuring that users can swiftly and efficiently fortify their accounts.

The sportsbook takes a proactive stance in implementing anti-fraud measures, with Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance as a key component of their strategy. This focus on KYC compliance instills confidence in users regarding the sportsbook’s ability to prevent and address fraud. While rare issues involving poker players’ chips being transferred without consent occurred more than three years ago, BetOnline.ag has successfully resolved them. Nevertheless, an area for potential improvement lies in implementing a higher level of domain encryption to further enhance security.

BetOnline’s dedication to user security extends to the KYC verification process, which is user-friendly on the platform. To complete KYC verification, users need to provide a government-issued ID, a utility bill, and, for credit card deposits, a signed verification form along with copies of the card’s front and back. Generally, the sportsbook processes KYC verification requests within two business days, although users located outside the United States may experience slightly longer processing times. This attention to verification ensures the sportsbook maintains a secure and compliant user base, fostering trust among its bettors.

FAQs – BetOnline Review

BetOnline is a trustworthy sportsbook, operational since 2001. It is licensed and regulated by the gaming commission in Panama City, Panama. This ensures high oversight and compliance, with a proven track record of timely payouts and honoring winning bets.

No, BetOnline and Bovada are separate offshore sportsbooks, each with their own platforms, sportsbooks, casinos and more. These sites are not related in any way.

Yes, BetOnline is known for delivering reliable payouts, having done so for over 25 years.

Withdrawal requests at BetOnline are processed within 24 hours, and users typically receive their winnings in two days or less.

BetOnline’s sportsbook and other online betting services are accessible all over the U.S. It is based in Panama, where it is also licensed and regulated.

Yes, BetOnline has variable deposit fees depending on the payment method that you choose. Credit card deposits come with a fee of 9.75%. Crypto and other banking options come with lower fees.

Rollover requirements at BetOnline vary across different promotions and bonuses. These requirements are average in terms of clarity and transparency. Tools and resources are provided to help users track their progress towards meeting these requirements.

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