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BookMaker has a spotless payment record and is one of the most trusted online sportsbooks.

Customer Satisfaction

BookMaker Sportsbook operates under a data processing license in Costa Rica, ensuring adherence to government regulatory requirements in the country. Established in 1985, it has solidified its position as a reputable offshore sportsbook. The sportsbook’s commitment to prompt payouts and honoring winning bets bolsters its reliability, fostering user trust in a top-notch betting experience. Resolving customer complaints and disputes in a timely and satisfactory manner further cements BookMaker’s status, evident by the absence of unresolved issues, highlighting its dedication to customer satisfaction and dispute resolution.

Transparency is a cornerstone of BookMaker’s trustworthiness. Its terms and conditions are clearly articulated, easily comprehensible, and readily accessible to users, enabling informed decision-making within a fair and transparent betting environment. The sportsbook actively engages in third-party mediation services, underscoring its commitment to fair practices and customer support. This dispute resolution process reflects its dedication to addressing concerns and upholding a positive reputation.

BookMaker Sportsbook places a premium on customer satisfaction, actively connecting with users through a robust social media presence. By providing updates, addressing inquiries, and nurturing a sense of community, BookMaker enhances the overall customer experience and fosters open communication. Independent reviews and customer testimonials consistently emphasize positive experiences and a high level of trust in BookMaker’s services. Customers laud the platform’s reliability, timely payouts, and the responsiveness of the customer support team.

In managing customer complaints and negative feedback, BookMaker exhibits responsiveness and a proactive stance. They engage with customers, listen to their concerns, and take decisive action to resolve issues. Their collaboration with BookmakersReview.com is a testament to their commitment to problem resolution and making enhancements to enhance customer satisfaction. BookMaker’s robust social media presence, positive independent reviews, high customer satisfaction ratings, and proactive approach to issue resolution all contribute to their exceptional level of customer satisfaction.

Banking and Payouts

BookMaker offers convenient ways to deposit and get paid without hassle.

Deposit Methods
Cryptocurrency Options
Bitcoin Guides
Withdrawal Methods

Bookmaker.eu stands out for its extensive support of over 50 cryptocurrencies, offering users flexibility and convenience for deposits and withdrawals. The platform excels by not charging any fees for cryptocurrency transactions, in line with industry norms. Cryptocurrency transactions are processed promptly, typically within a day, enhancing the user experience.
Users opting for cryptocurrencies are rewarded with exclusive promotions and bonuses, adding extra value to their betting activities.

Bookmaker.eu provides diverse deposit methods, including cryptocurrencies, credit cards, and bank transfers, all without deposit fees. Deposits are processed swiftly, usually within minutes, minimizing delays.


Deposit MethodMinimumMaximumFee
Visa$10 No maxFree
Skrill$10 No maxFree
MuchBetter$10 No maxFree
NETELLER$10 No maxFree
ecoPayz$10 No maxFree
Pay4Fun$10 No maxFree
PurplePay$10 No maxFree
iDebit$10 No maxFree
INSTADEBIT$10 No maxFree

Withdrawals can be made through various methods, with a smooth and efficient process, typically completed within a day. While withdrawal fees exist, they are generally in line with industry standards, and users are encouraged to review the fee structure in advance.
Bookmaker.eu supports various currencies, accommodating international bettors with options like the U.S. Dollar, Euro, Mexican Peso, Japanese Yen, and Canadian Dollar. Users should be aware of conversion fees that can impact non-default currency users.


Withdrawal MethodMinimumMaximumFee
P2PN/A$350 Weekly$25
Bank Wires$7,500$20,000Contact CS
Paper Checkd$250$3,000Contact CS

The platform provides extensive banking-related help resources, particularly geared toward cryptocurrency users. Comprehensive guides and assistance for utilizing Bitcoin and other digital currencies ensure a seamless experience during digital currency transactions.
Locating these resources is effortless, as BookMaker prioritizes user convenience by making them easily discoverable. This user-friendly approach underscores the sportsbook’s commitment to delivering a smooth and hassle-free banking experience.

The banking-related resources cover various aspects of cryptocurrency use, offering valuable information and instructions. Whether users are new to digital currency transactions or seasoned in this domain, Bookmaker.eu’s resources aim to provide clear and understandable guidance to facilitate successful transactions.

Betting Odds

Known for releasing some of the earliest overnight lines, BookMaker is considered by many to be where the line originates.

Odds Update Frequency
Quality of Odds
Overnight Odds
Betting Limits
Reduced Juice
Parlay Betting

At BookMaker, a flexible range of betting limits accommodates a wide spectrum of bettors, with a minimum of $1 and a maximum of $5,000. Bettors can even request limit increases or exceptions for specific sports, leagues, or events, providing a customized experience. Lower betting limits apply to less popular sports or leagues, a consideration for niche market enthusiasts.

In terms of responsible gambling, BookMaker lacks self-imposed limits and could enhance the clarity and accessibility of bet limit information. Competitive odds, especially for soccer, make it a strong choice for fans of the sport, though it doesn’t offer cash-out options, limiting betting strategy adaptability.

Updates are frequent, with odds responding swiftly to market changes or news, keeping bettors informed. The speed of updates can vary for international sports prop odds, which may affect betting choices. Unfortunately, the platform lacks tools like notifications or alerts for odds updates and resources for understanding these changes, potentially missing opportunities. However, overnight odds provide early options for bettors who enjoy exploring competitive odds.

BookMaker encourages parlay betting, but lacks support tools such as expert picks or predictions. The platform offers competitive parlay options. Overnight odds for upcoming events are a unique feature, ensuring competitiveness for early-bird bettors, although they are limited to entire games. Reduced juice options are limited, primarily available for MLB, but they compensate with various bonuses catering to different bettor preferences.

Usability and Design

This section details the usability and design of the BookMaker website.

Tutorial Resources
Speed and Responsiveness
Search and Filter Options
User Experience

The user experience on the Bookmaker.eu sportsbook platform can be described as satisfactory, with notable strengths and a few complexities. The sports menu organization is a standout feature, with intuitive drop-down lists that facilitate easy navigation across sports, leagues, and events. Whether accessed on a desktop, mobile, or tablet, users can swiftly find their desired sport or league.

The platform could definitely improve game organization. Not all sports are categorized by start time, which can be frustrating when searching in a long list organized solely by divisions. The absence of reordering functionality can inconvenience users who value ease of game discovery.
While the platform lacks advanced search filters like odds refinement, it compensates with intuitive sports navigation that allows users to explore specific leagues efficiently.

BookMaker’s platform impresses with its speed and responsiveness. Even during high-traffic periods, pages load instantly, offering a seamless experience. In-play betting is highly responsive, allowing users to react quickly to changing odds during live events.
The platform maintains reliability with no reports of technical issues or downtime, ensuring uninterrupted betting.

BookMaker offers tutorials and help resources, primarily under the ‘house rules’ section, but specific resources for new or inexperienced bettors are lacking, leaving room for improvement in detail and practical examples. Customer satisfaction with these resources is neutral, as they may be too basic for some users.

Multilingual support is a positive feature, with Spanish offered alongside English. Users find language switching easy, but expanding support to more languages would enhance accessibility and improve the user experience for a more diverse customer base.

Promotions and Bonuses

This section details the bonuses and promotions offered by BookMaker.

Welcome Bonus
Ongoing Promotions
Loyalty Program
Wagering Requirements

BookMaker’s welcome bonus of 25% up to $500 provides a competitive incentive for new users, offering flexibility with various bonus types based on deposit method, catering to different preferences. Claiming and utilizing the bonus is described as very easy, enhancing the user experience, with bonus funds credited quickly.


Welcome BonusesBonus ForMaxRolloverTerms
20% Cash Bonus (Crypto)Sportsbook$5008XValid for United States and Canada users only
25% Cash BonusSportsbook$50010XAny method besides cryptocurrency. Valid only for USA and Canada users

The platform demonstrates customer retention commitment through ongoing promotions and bonuses, encouraging loyalty beyond the initial sign-up stage. These promotions cater to various betting preferences and habits, and users find them easy to claim and use.
BookMaker’s transparency with wagering requirements is commendable, providing clear information, though the specific requirements can vary across promotions. Users need to understand and review the requirements.

The platform’s regular email updates on new promotions are informative, but more instant channels like push notifications could improve communication. They could also explore innovative approaches to offer unique and more enticing promotions.

BookMaker’s VIP loyalty program is attractive, offering automatic enrollment and rewarding loyal customers with BetPoints for sportsbook and online casino play. The 8% cashback on horse racing is a notable benefit, and users find the redemption process smooth and straightforward, enhancing user satisfaction.

Sports Markets

This section details the variety of sports betting markets offered by BookMaker.

Props Betting
Future Bets
Live Betting
Variety of Sports
Types of Bets
Sports Markets

BookMaker.eu stands out with its diverse sports offerings, including extensive coverage of esports, politics, and entertainment events. While some minor soccer leagues may be underrepresented, the overall depth and variety make BookMaker a compelling choice for sports bettors. It excels in providing a wide array of betting options, from Asian handicaps to player-centric wagers, though the absence of a “Bet Builder” feature is a minor limitation. Nevertheless, the sportsbook offers a rich and engaging betting environment, especially for those looking to explore diverse betting opportunities.

In the realm of in-play betting, BookMaker offers a solid range of options, allowing users to wager on major sports events with dynamic, rapidly updating odds. While the coverage for smaller leagues may not be as extensive, BookMaker’s user-friendly platform ensures a smooth and immersive in-play betting experience. The sportsbook could enhance this further with additional customization options and real-time statistics, but it remains a user-centric option for live betting.

BookMaker’s prop betting section competes effectively with other platforms, offering competitive odds, particularly in major soccer leagues. These prop betting options are frequently updated and accessible both pre-match and during live events, providing ample opportunities for sports enthusiasts. Nevertheless, the platform could improve the navigation to these options to enhance the user experience. The absence of a prop bet builder and specific promotions for prop betting also presents opportunities for BookMaker to further distinguish itself in this area.

For long-term betting enthusiasts, Bookmaker.eu delivers a comprehensive selection of futures betting options. The platform’s user-friendly design facilitates easy navigation, making it simple for bettors to find and engage with futures markets. While BookMaker primarily offers conventional futures bets, a bit more innovation or unique options could enhance the appeal. Additionally, providing predictive tools or expert analysis to aid in making informed futures bets would be a valuable addition for users looking to delve deeper into this aspect of sports betting.

Customer Service

This section breaks down the customer service experience with Bookmaker.

Response Time
FAQs and Self-Help

Bookmaker.eu ensures round-the-clock customer support, allowing users access to assistance at any time, day or night. The sportsbook’s 24/7 availability offers bettors peace of mind, knowing they can reach out for help whenever necessary.

The response time from the customer support team is impressive, typically addressing inquiries or resolving issues within a few hours. This speedy service minimizes frustration and enables users to swiftly return to their betting activities. User feedback highlights a high level of satisfaction with BookMaker’s customer support quality, even during off-peak hours, affirming the sportsbook’s dedication to delivering exceptional service.

BookMaker’s customer support team consistently responds to inquiries and issues within one business day, underscoring their commitment to a seamless user experience. While there have been instances of longer wait times, the reported issues were ultimately resolved to users’ satisfaction, preserving the sportsbook’s reputation.

 Response times vary among different support channels, with email support being slower compared to live chat and telephone assistance. This variation may affect users who prefer email communication but doesn’t diminish the sportsbook’s overall efficiency in handling customer needs. Adequately staffed, the customer support team showcases BookMaker’s dedication to addressing user inquiries effectively.

The sportsbook also provides a comprehensive FAQ section and self-help resources, giving users the means to find solutions independently. These resources, though in need of improved organization and user-friendliness, serve as valuable tools for users in search of assistance. The content covered is extensive, spanning topics like account management, deposit/withdrawal methods, and betting rules. This broad coverage saves users time and effort, ensuring they have vital information readily accessible.

The expertise of BookMaker’s customer support team is widely praised. Team members exhibit a strong grasp of the platform, its features, and services, allowing them to provide users with well-informed assistance. Users consistently report receiving accurate and beneficial information, instilling confidence in the reliability of the support team. 


This section breaks down the security features in place at Bookmaker.

Two-Factor Authentication
Know Your Customer
Anti-Fraud Measures
Website Security

Bookmaker.eu places a strong emphasis on user security, employing industry-standard SSL encryption technology to protect customer data and transactions. This encryption safeguards sensitive information, such as personal and financial details, ensuring that it remains inaccessible to unauthorized parties. While specific security measures remain undisclosed, the platform has earned user trust with no reported security breaches or unauthorized account access.

It’s worth noting that Bookmaker.eu currently does not offer two-factor authentication (2FA) for enhanced account security. While 2FA is a widely recommended measure, the sportsbook has instituted a different form of additional authentication for customer service interactions. When users contact support representatives via chat or phone, they are required to provide a private PIN, adding an extra layer of security for these interactions. This should not be mistaken as a substitute for comprehensive 2FA during account login.

While Bookmaker.eu’s security measures are robust, users can still take additional precautions, like creating strong passwords, monitoring account activity, and adopting other security measures endorsed by the sportsbook.

BookMaker Sportsbook demonstrates a commitment to user security with undisclosed but effective anti-fraud measures in its IT infrastructure. User feedback generally reflects positively on these measures, indicating their effectiveness.

BookMaker Sportsbook adheres to Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures to ensure regulatory compliance and a secure betting environment. The KYC verification process, while not overly complicated, necessitates users to provide specific documents and information for verification purposes.

These documents may include valid identification, bank statements, utility bills, or credit card details. Verification processing times typically span a few days, subject to varying factors like request volume and document accuracy. By implementing KYC verification, BookMaker upholds a transparent and secure platform that complies with legal standards, reassuring users about their online betting safety.

FAQs – BookMaker Review

Yes, BookMaker is legitimate. Independent reviews and customer testimonials consistently show positive experiences, a high level of trust in its services, reliable platform operations, timely payouts, and responsive customer support.

BookMaker allows players to request one withdrawal per week. Once a player makes a withdrawal request, they will have to wait a full 168 hours before they will be able to make another withdrawal request.

Yes, BookMaker has a solid reputation for always quickly and fairly paying players when they win. Another standout feature of BookMaker is that they will never ban or limit a winning account.

No, BookMaker does not report to the IRS. Offshore sportsbooks do not follow any U.S. laws and regulations, so it is the players’ responsibility to keep track of their gambling earnings and handle all of their taxes independently.

Yes, BookMaker Sportsbook also operates a casino where players can enjoy classic table games and slots.

No, BookMaker does not offer a traditional poker product; however, players can find video poker options in the casino.

Yes, BookMaker is licensed and registered outside of the United States, which means it does not have to adhere to any U.S. laws. It is fully licensed in Costa Rica and is authorized to provide gambling services to players all over the country.

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