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Heritage Sports has a spotless payment record and is one of the most trusted online sportsbooks.

Customer Satisfaction

Trust is of paramount importance when it comes to sports betting, and Heritage Sports excels in several critical aspects regarding its trustworthiness. Timely payouts and the honoring of winning bets consistently boost trust among users. The absence of unresolved complaints or disputes against Heritage Sports, both from customers and industry watchdogs, underscores its unwavering commitment to maintaining a positive reputation.

Heritage Sports, located and licensed in Costa Rica since its inception in 2001, boasts over two decades of experience, solidifying its reputation. The sportsbook adheres to all regulations imposed by the licensing authority and prioritizes top-tier security and transparency across its services.

Customer satisfaction is a pivotal factor when evaluating a sportsbook, and Heritage Sports garners an extremely positive standing in this category. Although it may not maintain a strong social media presence for fielding inquiries, its customer service department more than makes up for that.

Banking and Payouts

Heritage Sports provides prompt, hassle-free payouts to their customers.

Deposit Methods
Cryptocurrency Options
Bitcoin Guides
Withdrawal Methods

Heritage Sports provides seamless support for cryptocurrency transactions, particularly Bitcoin, offering users an additional layer of convenience and security.


Crypto deposits and withdrawals are hassle-free and come with zero fees, ensuring that users can manage their funds without incurring extra costs. These transactions are processed promptly, typically within a day, guaranteeing quick access to their funds. The sportsbook sweetens the deal for cryptocurrency users with exclusive promotions and bonuses, enhancing their overall betting experience.

For deposit options, Heritage Sports offers a diverse range, including credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers. The absence of deposit fees makes it a cost-effective choice. Deposits are processed with efficiency, granting users access to their funds within hours. 


Deposit MethodMinimumMaximumFee
Credit and Prepaid Cards$17$500Possible foreign fee apply
P2P$50$480Fees are not reimbursed
Cashier’s Check$1,000Contact CSFees are reimburse
Bank wire$5,000Contact CSFees are reimburse
Money Transfer$50$480Fees are not reimbursed

On the withdrawal side, Heritage Sports offers bitcoin, check, bank wire, and person-to-person transfers, giving bettors convenient options to get paid with.


Withdrawal MethodMinimumMaximumFee
Sports Book Transfer$500$10,000Free
Bank Wire$10,000N/A$75
P2P$100$300Fees vary per amount

Betting Odds

Known for offering reduced juice lines and an exceptional live betting experience, Heritage Sports scores highly on many betting odds categories.

Odds Update Frequency
Quality of Odds
Overnight Odds
Betting Limits
Reduced Juice
Parlay Betting

Heritage Sports’ minimum bet limit is set at a reasonable $2, accommodating bettors with smaller bankrolls. The maximum bet limits vary by sport, league, or event, with NFL sides having the highest limit at $3000 per bet.

In terms of odds competitiveness, Heritage Sports presents some notable advantages. The odds provided by Heritage Sports are generally slightly better compared to other platforms, a positive aspect for bettors seeking value and maximum returns.

While Heritage Sports excels in reduced juice offerings, their odds for parlay/accumulator bets are slightly below average compared to other sportsbooks, potentially disappointing bettors who frequently engage in multi-leg bets.

Heritage Sports displays a swift response to market changes or news, updating odds within minutes for most sports. For those who enjoy early betting, Heritage Sports offers overnight odds for upcoming events, allowing users to place bets before most other sportsbooks release their odds.

With their reduced juice betting options, Heritage Sports truly excels, offering a -108 reduced juice on sides and totals for major leagues such as basketball and football. This feature provides lower margins and the potential to increase winnings compared to standard odds, setting them apart in the industry.

Usability and Design

This section details the usability and design of the Heritage Sports website.

Tutorial Resources
Speed and Responsiveness
Search and Filter Options
User Experience

Heritage Sports’ platform offers a generally easy-to-use experience, with mobile devices providing a smoother experience compared to the slightly outdated desktop version. Navigating between sports, leagues, and events can be challenging, with a lack of a user-friendly interface causing some frustration. On the other hand, the platform lacks customizable features to enhance the user experience, such as personalized recommendations or layouts.

The search and filter options on Heritage Sports make it easy to find specific sports, leagues, or events, with advanced filtering available for better results. The lack of a save or customize feature for search preferences could be limiting, particularly on mobile devices. The platform’s search and filter options work well overall, but it lacks specific tutorials or help resources to optimize these features.

Heritage Sports’ platform is fast and responsive, with pages loading instantly even during high-traffic periods. Technical issues and downtime are rarely encountered, ensuring reliable and stable use of the platform. Bets are processed instantly, and the in-play betting feature is highly responsive, allowing users to engage in real-time wagering with ease.

While the platform provides some basic tutorials and self-help resources, there’s room for improvement in offering more in-depth wagering tutorials to educate a broader range of users, particularly those exploring advanced betting strategies.

Multilingual support is a standout feature of Heritage Sports, offering support for multiple languages, including English and Spanish. Switching between languages is relatively straightforward, and all platform features and functions are fully translated and localized for each supported language. Customer support is also provided in multiple languages, enhancing the overall user experience and promoting effective communication. Tutorial and help resources are available in all supported languages, demonstrating a commitment to inclusivity and user satisfaction.

Promotions and Bonuses

This section details the bonuses and promotions offered by Heritage Sports.

Welcome Bonus
Ongoing Promotions
Loyalty Program
Wagering Requirements

Heritage Sports offers a generous welcome bonus of 50% percent cash on deposits up to $500 with a 12x rollover requirement, which is slightly better than other sportsbooks, providing new users with an attractive opportunity to boost their bankroll.

Claiming and using the welcome bonus is straightforward, with instant crediting of the bonus funds upon meeting the necessary requirements. However, there are some restrictions, such as a 12x rollover requirement and limited applicability to accounts from the United States.
In addition to the welcome bonus, Heritage Sports provides ongoing promotions and bonuses to reward their existing users.


Welcome BonusesBonus ForMaxRolloverTerms
50% Cash BonusSportsbook$25012XOnly available for USA accounts
10% Cash Bonus on ReloadsSportsbook$5005XDoes not apply for Person to Person deposits

These promotions, like the 10% cash bonus on deposits up to $500 with a 5x rollover requirement, add extra value to the overall betting experience.

The platform excels in providing clear and transparent wagering requirements for all promotions. The consistency of these requirements is commendable, offering a standardized and fair betting experience. While the sportsbook doesn’t offer tools to track progress, the transparency ensures that users can easily monitor their own compliance.

Heritage Sports proactively informs users about new promotions and bonuses through notifications via email and push notifications, but there’s room for improvement in displaying and highlighting these offers within the user interface. The sportsbook also offers seasonal and event-specific promotions to add variety and excitement to the betting experience.

This sportsbook provides a loyalty or VIP program with enticing features, including cashback on every wager and reduced juice for program members. The terms and conditions are transparent, and redeeming rewards is a simple and regular process, enhancing the overall value and profitability of the betting experience.

Joining the loyalty or VIP program is hassle-free, without specific requirements or qualifications. These advantages make the program accessible and rewarding for all users, contributing to a positive betting experience.

Sports Markets

This section details the variety of sports betting markets offered by Heritage Sports.

Props Betting
Future Bets
Live Betting
Variety of Sports
Types of Bets
Sports Markets

Heritage Sports offers an extensive range of sports, including esports, traditional sports, politics, and entertainment. This wide variety caters to both sports enthusiasts and those looking for non-sporting betting opportunities, providing versatility and excitement in the betting experience.

The sportsbook’s proposition bets on individual player performances and the ability to create personalized sports bets add layers of engagement for bettors. These features are particularly valuable for users who want to focus on specific athletes or customize their wagers based on their predictions and strategies.

With a generous maximum payout of $100,000 for a single bet or parlay/accumulator, Heritage Sports appeals to professional bettors and high rollers looking for significant potential winnings.

Heritage Sports excels in in-play betting, offering various sports leagues and an easy-to-navigate in-play interface. Visualizations, live statistics, and instant odds updates provide deeper insights into ongoing events, enhancing the in-play experience.

The sportsbook stands out in prop betting, with a broad range of unique and creative prop bets updated frequently. The prop bet builder allows users to craft custom prop bets, fostering flexibility and customization options in their betting choices. Competitive odds further enhance the appeal of Heritage’s prop betting options. Whether you’re a fan of major U.S. sports or other markets, Heritage Sports provides a diverse selection of prop bets.

In the realm of futures betting, Heritage Sports offers an impressive selection across various sports and leagues, including popular and niche markets. Their highly competitive odds increase the potential for lucrative payouts. However, finding and accessing futures betting options may require some navigation on the platform. While they lack dedicated resources for futures betting analysis, the breadth of sports coverage allows bettors to use their own knowledge and research when strategizing their futures bets.

Customer Service

This section breaks down the customer service experience with Heritage Sports.

Response Time
FAQs and Self-Help

Heritage Sports offers customer support during specific hours of the day, from 8 am to 8 pm CST. Heritage Sports prides itself on responsive customer support, generally aiming to address inquiries within a reasonable time frame. Their commitment to addressing customer needs is evident in their generally quick response times.

For users with urgent inquiries or issues that require immediate attention, contacting Heritage Sports via phone support is recommended. This option allows for real-time interaction and prompt resolution of urgent matters. Direct communication through phone support can be more efficient for those with pressing issues.

Heritage Sports’ customer support team is recognized for their knowledge and professionalism. They are known to be friendly, responsive, and capable of providing accurate and helpful assistance to users. Their professionalism ensures that users feel valued and respected. Overall, they demonstrate a solid understanding of the platform, its features, and services.

The customer service team at Heritage Sports maintains a high level of professionalism, exhibiting friendliness and responsiveness in their interactions with users. Their professionalism and approachable demeanor make users feel respected and valued. They are known for providing a timely and helpful response to inquiries.


This section breaks down the security features in place at Heritage Sports.

Two-Factor Authentication
Know Your Customer
Anti-Fraud Measures
Website Security

Heritage Sports employs robust SSL encryption to protect user data and transactions but it lacks additional security features, such as two-factor authentication (2FA), which could further enhance user protection.

The absence of 2FA options may be perceived as a security limitation for users. If implemented, setting up and using 2FA is generally straightforward, involving linking an account to a secondary device or authentication application.

The sportsbook’s proactive approach to anti-fraud measures, including regular audits, helps maintain a secure betting environment. Adding 2FA as an extra security layer could further bolster user protection.

Heritage Sports enforces Know Your Customer (KYC) verification, a standard procedure for user identity verification and fraud prevention. The KYC process, though requiring specific documents, ensures a secure and responsible gambling environment.

While KYC verification may take a few days, it reflects the sportsbook’s commitment to security and regulatory compliance. The process may require users to provide additional information but contributes to a safer betting environment.

FAQs – Heritage Sports Review

Heritage Sports is an industry-leading offshore sportsbook that operates out of Costa Rica.

Players can deposit and withdraw funds from their accounts using MoneyGram at Heritage Sports just like sending money to friends and family using the service. Anywhere MoneyGram is accepted, you will be able to conduct your transactions.

Heritage Sports awards cashback to all players on their net losses in the racebook and casino. The funds are automatically credited to your bonus balance.

Registering for Heritage Sports is a simple process that just takes a few minutes. Afterwards, you will be able to deposit funds and start playing immediately. However, keep in mind that you will be required to complete the KYC verification process before you can withdraw any money.

When you join Heritage Sports as a new member, they give you a 50% bonus on your first deposit, up to $250. This means you can get extra money to bet with. However, you need to bet four times the amount of this bonus before you can withdraw any winnings.

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